A Smarter Way to Drive Revenue

In today’s B2B marketing landscape, we’re spoiled for choice, but starving for results.
We’re working hard to use data and technology to generate revenue but we get lost in a mishmash of one-off processes. Aren’t these things supposed to work in harmony?
There is a smarter way.
Integrate delivers a revolutionary approach that empowers marketers to build better, faster, smarter marketing engines. Global innovators like Dell, ADP, Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce rely on our Demand Orchestration Software to bring people, processes, data and technology together so their teams can drive revenue at scale. 


Our Leaders

Our executive team represents experienced and passionate leaders working together to build a company that our employees are proud of and our customers can trust.

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Our Board of Directors

Creating lasting change across an entire industry takes strategy and vision. We work closely with a group of seasoned market leaders to shape and execute on our promise to help marketers orchestrate demand. 

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Our Advisors



Our Investors

From the Foundry Group who led our Series A funding in 2010 to great partners like High Alpha and Iron Gate Capital who have locked arms with us in recent years, Integrate is proud to be backed by some of the strongest venture partners in the marketing tech landscape. 

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