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Meet our Team
Here at Integrate, we pride ourselves not only on our innovative marketing technology, but also on the talent of our people. Our leaders champion every aspect of Integrate’s business and culture, from our software and customer service to sales, marketing, partnerships and human resources.
Jeremy Bloom
Scott Brown
Alexandra Skaggs
Jim Soss
David Tomizuka
Scott Vaughan
Natalie Dopp
SVP, People
Tom Click
VP, Sales
Jeremy Dempsey
VP, Media Relations
Rod Fuentes
VP, Product ABM Advertising
Neil Glass
VP and GM, ABM Advertising
Eric Krich
VP, Risk and Compliance and In-house Counsel
Sean McKeever
VP, Product Management
Scott McNabb
VP, Sales
Tammy Michaud
VP, Accounting
Sean Weglage
VP, Sales
Chris Wickson
VP and GM, Events