6 Most Common Account-Based Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

While interviewing the Inverta team a few months back, I asked Kathy Macchi and Patrice Greene what I thought was a fairly straightforward question:

In what ways do B2B marketers consistently miss the mark on their account-based strategies?

I was expecting a brief answer. Maybe they’d pick one or two errors they commonly see and give a quick explanation.

But, no. This question struck a chord; Patrice and Kathy unleashed a litany of ABM mistakes they apparently see all the time. Moreover, they provided details on why each pitfall was so detrimental to ABM strategies. (Check out the full video interview here)

It all made sense to me. But being a diligent researcher, I embarked on a mission to check the veracity of their claims. After an Odyssey-like journey that included numerous interrogative interviews with other B2B marketing influencers (think Frost vs. Nixon) and research into tomes of ABM studies (think Sam Tarly in the Citadel), I concluded that everything Patrice and Kathy said was correct.

And here is the result of the Inverta team’s ABM wisdom…mixed with my no nonsense, highly critical research…all gathered in a colorful infographic, playing on the theme of the wildly successful 1982 video game Pitfall.

(Click image to enlarge...AND click here to get the new ABM Program Development Workbook)

6 ABM Pitfalls infographic 2017 sept.jpg

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