B2B marketing has always been hard. Whether it’s chasing down clicks or leads or data, the world of B2B is a complex, intricate, and ever-changing system. Take the perpetually increasing B2B buying committee or the sheer amount of data we have at our fingertips that we don’t know what to do with. And while account-based marketing (ABM) has helped bring focus to marketing and sales teams, it’s often still incredibly manual work to ensure target account lists are accurate and up to date. 

How do we organize all the information provided by our ABM partners and target accounts lists and make it usable so we can reach our buyers at the right time, in the right channels, and with the right messages? How can we reduce friction across the martech stack to ensure a smoother and seamless experience? And how can we support B2B marketers towards eliminating budget waste at a time when they can’t afford to be anything less than precise? 

The short answer to these questions is that marketing solutions need to be connected and work together to drive the industry forward. That’s why two leading B2B solutions - Integrate and 6sense - are partnering to bring more value to both of our systems to support B2B marketers around the world do their jobs better, with more precision, and with effortless scale. 

6sense-Integrate Target Account List Integration

Integrate’s new Target Account List integration with 6sense gives marketers an easy way to import and optimize their target account lists from 6sense directly into Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform. Integrate leverages 6sense to import target account lists automatically across channels. 6sense provides detailed company data via API to update and accurately track potential buyers. ​This integration enables B2B marketers to eliminate manual target account list uploads, normalize the data before it’s imported, and maintain ABM lists on an ongoing basis.

For joint 6sense and Integrate customers, this feature is included within Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform. Marketers can select a target account list from a drop down, select the list that aligns with a particular campaign, and pull it directly into the campaign as a domain list. What’s more, marketers can evolve their target account lists over time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with new domains.

With this new feature, marketers can broaden the scope of what a target account list can contain, target more accounts across channels, and add a new level of precision to their account-based marketing campaigns.

The Future of B2B

This is just the start of how we will continue to innovate and bring value and precision to B2B. After all, martech is supposed to make B2B marketers’ lives easier and less complicated. It’s time for B2B marketers to leave the data-wrangling to the technology providers and focus on what’s important: connecting with their audiences in an engaging and relevant way.

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