We’re delighted to add NFC badge scanning functionality to the Integrate Events app. Our whole team has worked really hard on this in recent months, so I’m thrilled to share it with you today. This blog will tell you more about the new feature, why it’s important, and how you can use it to collect qualified leads at trade shows, exhibitions and events.

What is NFC?

NFC (short for Near Field Communication) is a type of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID technology is a broad category, with the two prevalent types being NFC and long-range RFID. They operate on different frequencies and require different devices to read any associated data.

Today we’re introducing NFC badge scanning capability to our mobile app, but in the future, we’re hoping to support RFID technology too.

In the events industry, NFC is being used to modernize badge scanning. It’s a small chip added to a printed badge, and it contains some of the data that attendees shared when registering for the event. Many smartphones already have NFC readers built-in (although it’s not quite universal yet). What’s great about this is that many exhibitors are already equipped to scan NFC badges with their smartphones, instead of having to rely on additional rented hardware (such as RFID-readers or traditional badge scanners).

TL;DR Event organizers are tapping into new NFC and RFID technologies – but there are key differences between the two. Our mobile app supports NFC event badge scanning and customers with compatible devices can now use this new feature straight out of the box!

Using the new NFC badge scan functionality to collect leads

Now I’ve covered what NFC actually is, let’s take a look at how you can actually use this new functionality we’ve introduced to the Integrate Events solution.

1: super-fast badge scanning. With a swift, contactless tap, you can quickly and easily collect someone’s contact details from their event badge. There’s never been a faster way to capture a lead at the booth.

2: add essential qualifying information to build event qualified leads. Traditional badge scanning lets you scan someone’s badge – and that’s it. Using the Integrate Events app with NFC badge scanning means you can add actionable qualifying information alongside vital contact data, transforming it into a usable sales lead.

3: built-in tech, not rented tech. NFC uses the technology built-in to your modern smartphone, eliminating the need to rent additional hardware.

Replace outdated, manual methods of lead capture today. NFC-powered badge scanning is the next generation of badge scanning. When combined with our Event Lead Management solution, it empowers your team to generate fully qualified, actionable sales leads.

So why is NFC technology important for the events industry?

Scanning an NFC badge is the fastest possible way to collect lead data at an event. Exhibitors can use the mobile app to quickly collect a prospect’s contact details, before adding contextual information around business interests and priorities – which is incredibly valuable for qualifying leads and personalizing the follow-up process.

Within the global events industry, badge scanning is far more established in the US than in Europe – though we’re seeing it become increasingly used in the European events space. And at larger-scale B2B events, the emergence of new technologies is driving change; we’re expecting to see a proliferation of NFC-compatible events on a global-scale in the coming years.

As a result, we’ve been hearing more frequent customer requests for NFC badge support. Our biggest customers are real ‘power exhibitors’ within the industry – exhibiting at dozens, often hundreds of events each year.

It paints a clear picture: this is the direction the events industry is heading. It’s time to modernize outdated badge scanning technology and embrace the opportunities brought by new technologies.

Closing thoughts

“This is the best of modern event technology. With B2B event organizers offering new technologies like NFC, it’s crucial that exhibitors are able to leverage the benefits. NFC delivers fast, convenient mobile lead capture at trade shows, so that your team can focus on the person they’re talking to, rather than the form they’re filling in. And as the event industry evolves, we’ll continue to be there to make this happen.”
– Andy Higgs, VP of Event Products.

NFC badge scanning with the Integrate Events solution; get in touch today to hear how we can help at your next event!

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