B2B marketing has always been hard. We’ve had to make do with a dizzying array of technologies that don’t quite suit our needs. We’ve had to endure increasingly complex buying journeys with an ever-growing number of people involved in a purchase process. And over the past year, we’ve had to adjust to a new pandemic reality that shifted how buyers work, consume content, engage with vendors, and research, evaluate and make purchase decisions. No sweat.

This past year, it became clear that the tools and tactics of yesteryear no longer make the cut. We saw marketing and sales teams riddled with disconnected data, creating silos that hold us back from delivering intelligent buyer and account journeys. As a result, we’ve been unable to create meaningful experiences that engage our audiences, which in turn prevents us from capturing the insights to improve results. It’s a vicious cycle of random acts of marketing.

This current state is unsustainable, inefficient, and ineffective.

It sets us up to fail. Today, buyers call the shots, and they know it. We need to rethink how we do B2B marketing. We need to be buyer-driven and act with more precision, more connections, and more agility. We need an omnichannel, buyer-driven approach called Precision Demand Marketing. Being able to connect our marketing efforts across channels, respond to a buyer’s needs and interest in accordance with their preference, and to learn with every interaction and optimize your marketing campaigns is B2B marketing nirvana.

Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform

We’re excited to launch the Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) to move marketers toward Precision Demand Marketing. Integrate’s DAP provides a scalable solution for high-growth and enterprise organizations to drive omnichannel demand strategies, orchestrate intelligent buyer and account journeys, convert more leads and accounts to revenue, and demonstrate marketing return on investment. More specifically, the Integrate DAP empowers B2B marketers with precision by:

  • Increasing conversions of marketing-generated leads.
  • Ensuring all leads generated are opted in for data that’s 100% marketable, compliant, and ready for activation in connected systems.
  • Saving demand, digital and marketing operations teams time, budget, and resources.
  • Understanding, measuring, and optimizing budget spend across demand channels with real-time, actionable measurement reports for a view into which accounts, campaigns, sources, or content are driving results.
  • Reducing silos by gaining visibility across activated demand channels to centralize demand data sources.

Integrate’s DAP also allows B2B marketers to execute more personalized buyer experiences with cross-channel performance visibility to make informed data-driven decisions on their digital advertising campaigns, ensuring they are engaging the right buyers with the right messages at the right times. DAP customers also have free access to Shareable Reports, which allow teams to distribute lead and campaign reports safely and securely to non-credentialed users via email using two-factor authentication.

With the Integrate DAP, marketers can now have the ability to connect the essential data, technology and consulting services providers they need to streamline their demand effort and increase their performance. This means marketers can bring their current vendors, data providers, marketing services companies and agencies together, around DAP, in a way that connects channels and makes them work better together.

“We are entering an exceptionally exciting time for marketing that is challenging us in new ways and pushing us to be better,” said Leslie Alore, Global Vice President of Growth Marketing, Ivanti. “Solutions like Integrate allow us to reach key personas and accounts around the world in a highly scalable way without having to sacrifice precision.”

Why an Ecosystem, Why Now?

We think of this connected environment as our DAP Ecosystem. It’s all the connections that are made possible by connecting partners and enabling partners on Demand Acceleration Platform. Today, B2B marketing teams have, on average, 50+ technologies and account-based marketing demand generation tools, and we’re here to support that ecosystem. The Demand Acceleration Platform ecosystem includes hundreds of partnerships with marketing technology companies, data partners, services companies, and agencies. By using DAP to connect to the ecosystem, you have access to:

  • Thousands of trade shows and in- person events
  • Thousands of industry publications
  • Prebuilt connections to our data partnerships
  • Millions of web and mobile sites through digital ads
  • Millions of subscribers on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • All the leading Marketing Automation and CRM technologies
  • Marketing services consultants and agencies who specialize in Demand Acceleration Platform

“B2B marketing has shifted dramatically in the past years and we are on the cusp of achieving the long-imagined vision of data, software and digital media being cohesively intertwined and dynamic,” said Charles Crnoevich, VP Partnerships and Business Development at Bombora. “It’s never been more important to implement powerful, buyer-driven, account-based marketing initiatives and we’re excited to continue to partner with Integrate to drive precision in marketing programs.”

The Demand Acceleration Platform opens up a world of possibilities for B2B marketers and their tech stack, bridging both digital and physical channels (when we can all travel again) into one connected experience and effort. It also allows you to measure and optimize across channels, all while maximizing the investment you’ve made in systems like Marketing Automation and CRM which need clean and intelligent data for peak performance.

“In today’s B2B world, it is imperative to precisely orchestrate digital interactions to create transformative experiences,” said Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24. “We work with Integrate to utilize webinar rich demographic, contextual, behavioral and declared data sources to personalize marketing programs. Together we keep leads moving through a better, more personalized buying journey providing information before, during and post event that can be used to trigger action.”

If you want to learn more about putting the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform to work for you, please visit www.integrate.com/products/demand-acceleration-platform.

If you’d like to learn about the partners we have in our Ecosystem, or are interested in becoming an ecosystem partner, please contact me at ccavanaugh@integrate.com.

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