The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone… particularly for the 79% of B2B marketers who described the past year as “the most challenging time in the history of their careers.” With increasing pressure to perform in a markedly different buyer-driven world, it’s no wonder marketers are stretched to the breaking point and languishing. Add to that new data from a survey we conducted with Heinz Marketing that reveals B2B marketing teams are ill-equipped to adapt to this new environment, and it’s clear that we’re at a tipping point. Marketer’s current strategies, technology, and team structure are missing the mark, and something needs to change.

These challenges represent an opportunity to evolve and move forward. Today’s B2B marketers have the chance to embrace a new way of connecting to their customers. To further break down silos among the marketing team and map experiences to the buyer’s journey. To embrace the practice of Precision Demand Marketing—a new way to target buyers, activate campaigns, connect their marketing technology systems and channels, measure results, and govern data to ensure it is compliant and marketable.

At Integrate, we’re committed to supporting our customers as they navigate today’s buyer-driven era of B2B marketing. We’re on a mission to create a best-in-class, user-driven platform connected at scale across the marketing channels that matter most to marketers. We’re investing in cross channel activation and insights, in a flexible integration framework, in a unified product experience, in enhanced governance and data intelligence capabilities, and continuing to invest in enterprise scale. We’re building the standard for demand that will enable marketers to connect at scale to all their demand channels and connect to customers with the right content at the right time in the right channel. After all, it’s a buyer’s world and our job as marketers is to make the buying experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Today, we’re excited to share the progress we’ve made on our product mission to support B2B marketing’s new path forward. These new enhancements continue our momentum in enabling B2B marketers to keep up with the pace of change in the market and ensure they’re meeting their buyers at the right point in their buying journey.

Here are a few of the highlights of newly released capabilities you’ll see in Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform:

Precision Events: Virtual Connect the Demand Acceleration Platform to your BrightTALK and ON24 virtual events and set up sources within campaigns to ensure virtual event lead routing, governance, and measurement.
Account Web Analytics Measure engagement metrics on your website so you can better understand account engagement and campaign performance on your website in addition to insights across channels like events, content syndication and social.
ABM List Domain Optimization This feature was driven by customer requests and allows marketers to distribute the weight of individual accounts within a target account list to provide a more balanced approach to ABM campaigns.
ABM Insights Dashboard Get detailed performance reports on your ABM campaigns such as impressions, clicks, and account engagement metrics in addition to cross channel insights across channels like events, content syndication and social.
Contextual Ads Dashboard Measure the results and performance of contextual ads, which is an ad type that uses the context of a website to determine targeting and does not require 3rd party cookie targeting.
Shareable Reports Shareable reports make it easy to share your insights dashboard and campaign reports with those members of your team who don’t have a login to Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform.

Meeting your buyers where they are in their journey requires marketers to create campaigns that include multiple channels—where buyers are doing their initial research. It requires marketers to optimize and refine as they receive buying signals from accounts and individuals. Our new capabilities highlighted above provide access to new channels for marketers—like virtual events—and further strengthen our platform capabilities to create cross channel account-based campaigns. We’re incredibly excited about our new capabilities and excited to continue the innovation.

My colleague, Justin Eisner, VP, Solutions Consulting and I talk through our latest product updates in the below video.

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