A whopping 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day. The social network hosts 2.3 billion active users every month—the largest monthly-active-user base of any other social platform today, making Facebook a prime space for marketers to deploy demand marketing programs. Traditionally, Facebook has been largely ignored by B2B marketers...until now.

Today, Integrate is releasing a native connector for Facebook, a solution that enables B2B marketers to strengthen the effectiveness of their lead generation campaigns on the social platform.

Social for Scale: Integrate’s Comprehensive Social Solutions

Integrate’s Comprehensive Social Solution now includes Facebook and LinkedIn, giving marketers the ability to acquire lead information from prospects using Facebook Lead Ads campaigns and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Once captured, Integrate will automatically route lead data through our platform to deliver marketable, complete and valid leads to marketing automation and CRM systems.

Using Integrate’s analytical capabilities, customers can also measure how social leads perform as they progress through the funnel. Furthermore, customers can optimize their demand marketing strategy by understanding what social campaigns are most successful and how leads perform in comparison to other demand marketing sources, channels and programs.

"Buyers are emitting signals of interest across a wide variety of channels. To compete effectively in this B2B environment, organizations must be able to ingest those signals from as many of sources - social, web, syndication - as possible, without crippling the organization's resources with manual processes or loading their systems with duplicate, incomplete or inaccurate data.”

-Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director, Demand Marketing, SiriusDecisions

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