With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve got a nice present that Integrate and our customers can open early!

We’re excited to announce a formal, strategic partnership between Integrate and Digital Pi. This union brings together the B2B, MarTech and revenue marketing talent and knowledge of the Digital PI team with the Integrate Marketing Orchestration solution set.

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege to work closely with the Digital Pi team and see up close the value they deliver to marketing and revenue teams from Adobe-Marketo, Lionbridge, Sutherland, and more. Today, we’re making that partnership official and announcing the Digital Pi Gold Standard for Marketing Orchestration. This new service empowers marketers to connect their top of funnel customer acquisition investment and effort with downstream revenue systems + processes to hit ever-increasing growth goals.

Identifying, engaging and acquiring increasingly savvy and demanding customers is putting tremendous pressure on sales and marketing teams who are under the gun to deliver quality pipeline and revenue. To answer the bell, marketing teams are investing millions of dollars generating demand via multiple channels including events, social media, content syndication, webinars and digital advertising. It’s becoming more challenging as the prospect and lead data generated is often riddled with bad, incomplete data and requires manual intervention by busy marketers wasting time, money and resources and hindering follow-up. Solving this problem is a team effort and requires full-funnel expertise, visibility and attention. This is where Digital Pi services & Integrate’s solution steps in to help.

Digital Pi’s now offers a Gold Standard experience for onboarding, adopting and running Integrate’s marketing orchestration solution for B2B teams who want to tap into their demand and martech resources and expertise.

We’re excited to be part of the Gold Standard framework. And, we’re ready to get to work helping marketing teams deliver on their big goals for 2020 and beyond. If you would like any more details, just drop me a note at ccavanaugh@integrate.com.

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