How to Prepare for ABM & Predictive Data

ebook_cover_page.pngWith emerging technologies and rich data sources becoming widely available, marketers are now in a position to develop and execute sophisticated, highly targeted programs. In fact, predictive analytics and account-based marketing (ABM) are revolutionizing the ways in which marketing organizations think and operate.

Such capabilities, however, are inundating B2B marketers with new systems, types of data and a ton of associated processes. We must coordinate all these pieces if we’re to reap the full rewards of ABM strategies and predictive data.

To help with this, we got together with our friends at Oracle Marketing Cloud to develop an eBook that would address these issues, titled “Putting ABM Strategies & Predictive Data to Work: A Practical Guide for B2B Marketing.”


 The guide covers:

  • The potential of account-based marketing and predictive data
  • Common problems B2B marketers face in leveraging predictive data and executing ABM strategies
  • The elements of an ABM- and predictive-optimized environment
  • Steps you can take to ready your marketing environment for ABM and predictive data

Check it out. We love to share how Integrate and Oracle Marketing Cloud are working together to help B2B marketers execute ABM and predictive strategies.



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