At Integrate, innovation is one of our cultural values. At the core of this innovation is a commitment to truly listening to and understanding our B2B marketing customer. This means asking what their challenges are and why they face these challenges. It also means gaining an understanding of how their teams operate, who is responsible for what, and how we can support their teams. And finally, it means getting a sense of what their martech stack looks like, what pieces are missing, and how we can help connect their marketing technologies and channels into a single platform, govern lead data to ensure compliance and accuracy, and measure prospect and account data across channels to accelerate revenue. 

To that end, last year, we held a two-day, in-person Customer Advisory Board meeting with customers from companies including Adobe, Akamai, Armis, Cisco, Fortinet, Genesys, Inverta, Ivanti, Red Hat, Salesforce, Tableau, Tenable, Thomson Reuters, Tipalti, and Workday.

We shared our views and strategies for 2022, conducted interactive sessions for product roadmap feedback and prioritization, and held a collaborative working group session to design an ideal marketing dashboard for the next chapter of B2B marketing. 

What did we hear?

We heard from our customers that pacing and lead governance were important attributes for a B2B marketing dashboard of the future. They needed the ability to filter by certain attributes, connect their various channel sources, and to understand why leads were being rejected. They also wanted to understand how to connect their metrics to value, and ensure their campaigns remained within budget while hitting key performance metrics.

This is what their feedback on an ideal B2B marketing dashboard looked like on white boards and post-it notes:

B2B marketing dashboard in the planning stages

We then mocked up new concepts for our customers overnight and presented to them their ideal marketing performance dashboard the next day:

In the following months, the product team continued to work with many of these customers to refine these concepts.

And today, I’m proud that we’ve brought those customer ideas to life. We’ve turned our customer feedback into real, tangible product features that provide greater visibility into marketing campaign measurement and performance.

Integrate’s Insights dashboard now offers:

Lead Governance Dashboard

Marketers can easily track how their campaigns are performing in terms of budget and total budget. This new enhanced dashboard will help marketers track their lead delivery in more detail to help thoroughly understand their leads. They can view accepted leads, blocked leads, costs savings, and integration performance. They can also filter by date, source type, job title, and job function.

Marketing lead governance dashboard

Marketing lead governance dashboard

Channel Dashboard

This provides a cross-channel view of campaign performance, including social, content syndication, digital ads, and in-person and virtual events.

Cross channel analytics dashboard view

Pacing Reports

These automated weekly reports track pacing in terms of budget spend, total budget and remaining budget across channels.

Budget pacing tracker and marketing campaign reports dashboard

Budget pacing tracker and marketing campaign reports dashboard

Account Profiles

The insights dashboards also include Account Profiles, which launched at the end of 2022 and enables an easy-to-view dashboard of target list reach and account engagement across multiple channels. This helps marketers understand in an easy way how accounts are engaging across channels. And it can also help marketers evolve a target account list based on engagement over time.

B2B account profiles for ABM

I’m excited for our customers to start using these dashboards that will help them optimize and prioritize their marketing efforts. But I know that we are never done learning and we will continue to build, refine, and improve with our customers’ input in mind.

Thank you to our customers for contributing to our product development with insightful feedback that pushes us to innovate and makes our product stronger. This is just the beginning of our journey toward building the next generation B2B marketing platform of record and we are grateful for the support of our customers in driving product excellence.

If you have any feedback or questions, or would like to join our Customer Advisory Board, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or book a demo!

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