Earlier this year, before the global lockdown took full effect, I hosted a workshop alongside my colleagues Scott Vaughan and Rosie Day at the B2BMX event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The title for our workshop: “How to Turn Events Into a Measurable, Pipeline-Generating Machine,” an interactive, 3-hour session with 50 other B2B Event Marketers during which we covered a wide range of topics and shared some lively discussion and perspectives.

And then, of course, we know what happened. Within just a a few weeks of the B2BMX event, the global pandemic meant the rapid shutdown of the events industry with no clear sign of return.

These are incredibly challenging and uncertain times for the B2B Events industry and, of course, for those of us who work within it.

Our original plan following the workshop was to package up the presentation and shared perspectives into a series of content pieces and webinars. We paused on that idea for obvious reasons during March and April; however, in the last few weeks there has been an encouraging (albeit slow and steady!) positive shift towards the return of live events.

From my conversations with our customers, partners and network, I haven’t found anyone who does not agree that live, face-to-face events will be back strongly. Yes of course, it is going to take time and things will be different, but the power of physical events will not be diminished. B2B Marketers still need to prepare for their return either later this year or in 2021, depending on where you are in the world and your sector.

So, with that in mind, I’m pleased to announce the release of our new, comprehensive guide: “How To Turn Events Into A Measurable, Pipeline-Generating Machine.”

We’re increasingly seeing B2B Event Marketing teams using this unexpected downtime to reassess event strategies. They’re starting to consider what live events will look like alongside online events, and the role they will play post-Covid.

Our new guide is a comprehensive, end-to-end resource covering topics such as:

  • Developing an events business strategy as part of your go-to-market strategy
  • How to select the right events mix for your business
  • Modern approaches to lead and attendee management
  • Nailing your event follow-up communications strategy and process
  • Measuring event effectiveness and impact

On May 7th, I ran a short webinar which is now available on-demand. It covers the key topics from each chapter.

And you can now access the full guide here: How to Turn Events into A Measurable, Pipeline Generating Machine

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