Last week everyone here at Integrate was incredibly excited to formally welcome the ListenLoop team to the Integrate family. If you’re unfamiliar with ListenLoop, the company has been driving innovation in account-based advertising with its programmatic display platform.

Jeremy Bloom, Integrate’s CEO, posted a detailed article on LinkedIn last Wednesday, explaining both the reasoning and product testing that eventually led to the acquisition. (It's a good read, so check it out.) Here, I hope to add a few additional points on why this acquisition is – pardon the cliché – a game-changer.

Why This Acquisition is a Big Deal

According to a quick Google search, it was Aristotle who first

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

- Aristotle

When it comes to the typically siloed account-based marketing (ABM) channels of programmatic display and CPL, this statement couldn't be more true.

We all know B2B marketers are under growing pressure to show results from their ABM investments, but they’re having trouble meeting these expectations. Siloed account-engagement tactics are largely to blame; account-based programmatic display efforts drive much-needed account awareness but can rarely be tied to pipeline, because display isn’t typically connected to other demand marketing efforts (such as CPL campaigns).

As Jeremy discussed in his LinkedIn post, we believed (and now know) that by integrating ListenLoop’s programmatic display solution with our existing demand orchestration solution (which enables B2B marketers to generate contact data among targeted accounts), we could drive much more value than each solution creates on its own. So, we tested the theory with a few of our larger enterprise customers, and the results surpassed expectations. As Jeremy writes:

"ListenLoop not only handled the enterprise-scale with grace but to our customers’ delight demonstrated a definite increase in the pipeline, funnel acceleration and provided account insights that were differentiated from any other platform that we tested in the market.

After a few months of beta, it was clear that together we were delivering impressive value to our customers. We now have a robust Account-Based Demand Generation solution that uniquely combines programmatic display and lead generation. And with programmatic ABM, we’ve expanded our demand orchestration sources and capabilities."

-Jeremy Bloom, Founder & CEO Integrate

We now have proof that programmatic display is best used in tandem with other account-focused lead gen channels, showing a big impact on pipeline. Integrate’s acquisition of ListenLoop better enables B2B marketing teams to execute on their ABM strategies, providing an always-on, integrated-channel approach to ABM by connecting programmatic display campaigns with account-based lead generation campaigns. This is a surefire way to surround target-account buying committees and set sales teams up for success.

Why ListenLoop

There are more than a few account-based programmatic display providers in the MarTech space, but ListenLoop’s tech offers features and capabilities that put its value markedly above the rest:

  • Ability to serve image-based and dynamic HTML5 ads
  • Visibility and control over your ads, showing you where each ad was delivered
  • Account targeting by geo-location, IP address and cookie audiences
  • Title and seniority targeting
  • Custom web content for each account targeted

We have no doubts that the integration of these two systems will vastly strengthen our ability to help B2B marketers achieve measurable business outcomes.

Learn More About Integrate's New Account-Based Demand Generation Solution

As I mentioned, several Integrate customers have been testing the new Account-Based Demand Gen Solution over the last few months, and the results have been strong. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the upcoming webinar, “From Programmatic to Pipeline: Maximizing ROI from ABM Programs,” where several Integrate+ListenLoop customers will discuss what they’ve learned about the value of connecting programmatic display to demand gen.

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