Lead generation is at the core of every B2B marketer’s job today. The quality, volume, and conversion of leads are the benchmarks by which jobs––even careers­­––are judged.

The problem is, inefficiencies, redundant leads, and low-quality data are clogging pipelines for far too many organizations.

Marketing Orchestration is changing the way top B2B marketers manage lead data and drive business results. By eliminating inefficiencies, deduplicating leads, and unifying all marketing channels at the top of the funnel, companies large and small can experience a boost in the quality of the data leading to accelerated and increased conversion rates.

One of the essential solutions in Integrate’s ecosystem is a native connection to LinkedIn. By powering LinkedIn campaigns with Integrate, marketers collect valuable, accurate lead data quickly and efficiently.

How the Integrate connection with LinkedIn helps you.

As a marketer, you can use a variety of marketing efforts, ranging from sponsored content to LinkedIn InMail campaigns, to generate leads via the LinkedIn platform.

Without Integrate, those leads must be manually downloaded, scrubbed and added to your database. The process is slow, requiring human resources that could be used elsewhere. And it can result in inaccurate leads, which lead to lower productivity and increased costs. Once the process is complete, there is no way to measure down-funnel conversion and revenue impact.

With Integrate, our Unity platform automatically validates, deduplicates, field maps, and loads the data into your sales funnel. Your sales personnel quickly get access to high-quality, actionable leads. And the results are quantifiable; closed-loop reporting tracks down-funnel conversion and revenue impact.

To find out more about how the Unity platform can maximize your LinkedIn campaign, contact us.

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