Marketers: Are You Making Any of These ABM Mistakes? (Interview with Inverta)

I always enjoy talking shop with Kathy Maachi and Patrice Greene of Inverta. They provide a much needed (yet usually avoided) nuanced perspective on B2B marketing trends and practices.

…plus, Kathy always laughs at my stupid jokes.  

And while I could shoot the proverbial marketing shit with Kathy and Patrice all day long about any number of topics, they’ve specifically become my go-to source for deeper insights on account-based marketing (or account-based revenue).

So, during May’s SiriusDecisions Summit, I managed to sequester them into a backroom of a restaurant, thinking it would be a quiet place to conduct and interview. I was wrong. But while the audio quality leaves something to be desired, it’s definitely outweighed by the value of Patrice’s and Kathy’s perspectives, opinions and advice on ABM.


The Questions

  1. ABM continues to gain steam as a B2B marketing strategy. You stress the need to focus on account-based revenue. Why is that?
  2. What’s the first question you ask marketing teams when you sit down to help them with their ABM strategy?
  3. In what ways do B2B marketers consistently miss the mark on their account-based strategies and what can they do to improve them?










Interview Takeaways

  • ABM can’t be effective if treated solely as a marketing activity; revenue is the ultimate goal. Thus, marketing must collaborate with sales, customer success and other business units if your account strategy is to succeed.
  • Before launching an ABM program, ask yourself:
    • Do we have buy-in from sales?
    • Where do we want revenue to come from: existing accounts, new accounts or new markets?
  • Inbound marketing alone isn’t enough for successful ABM – you must embrace outbound tactics too.
  • ABM isn’t just targeted marketing – you must conduct in-depth research on each account, understanding who the decision-makers are as well as their problems and business needs.




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