Are the leads from your content syndication (CS) producing the pipeline you expected? Certainly, if you’ve defined your target buyer well, used compelling content, have good CS partners, and are validating the leads at intake, you are well on your way. But many experienced demand marketers have seen seemingly high-quality leads mysteriously lag in eventual pipeline and sales. And that’s when the finger-pointing begins. 

To be a highly successful demand marketer, you must master lead follow-up and lead metrics to reach your goals. Each of these processes has surprising nuances that are critical to the ultimate effectiveness of your demand generation efforts. The final two chapters of our comprehensive guide to CS success reveals the best follow-up and measurement techniques, with simple but powerful ways to get started. 

Chapter 8

Follow-Up is Everything

Demand marketers are painfully aware that generating contacts, names, and leads are only the first steps in a lengthy process. If your content syndication program is generating high-quality, compliant leads, then nurturing, pipeline development, and closing deals must follow. You may not be in sales, but your job is to set up sales for success, and that means enabling productive follow-up. Game-changing demand marketers know how to make sure stakeholders understand the strategy, know what to expect, can handle each kind of lead appropriately, and provide effective closed-loop measurement. Without these in place, the waves of opportunity you create with your leads can rapidly dissipate. This chapter gives demand marketers a framework and practical guidance for this critical component of a successful revenue generation program. 

Chapter 9

Metrics and Analytics

The key to demand-generation success is not just having metrics but knowing which ones are most relevant to the excellence of your program. You must also be able to use those insights to optimize the performance of your programs and effort. And in content syndication, it is equally critical to use metrics to paint a clear and compelling picture of how a program is generating the right personas at the ideal customer profile accounts. It’s an important capability, because it guides investment and builds stakeholder credibility. That’s why, in this final chapter of our guide to content syndication success, we cover best practices and how to measure all aspects of your program. 

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