People are hardwired to connect. It’s at the core of the human experience. And it extends to our everyday lives, whether we’re chatting over social media, text or emails, or chatting in-person with a friend or colleague. In short, everyone wants and needs to connect in meaningful ways.

In fact, when it comes to B2B, establishing a connection with your audience is a pivotal element of every B2B marketing strategy. People aren’t buying the shiniest object; they’re buying the one that connects with them. Today’s B2B customers desire a sense of connection with the companies they work with, and their expectations for being heard, recognized, and understood are higher than ever before.  

But, of course, that’s easier said than done. Consider the disconnect between the quantitative and qualitative data you collect at events or from various conversations and what’s inputted into your CRM. Or how this data disconnect can snowball into unreliable performance measurement and misalignment between internal teams. 

To support B2B marketers toward better, more connected data, and in turn, better, more connected B2B marketing experiences, Integrate is launching three new product innovations that enable B2B marketers to improve connections with prospects, your data and even internal teams. The new product features include:

  • Mobile Connect: An always-on mobile app that revenue teams can use to collect personal information on potential buyers or customers anywhere they meet them. Mobile Connect is a new add-on feature in the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP).
  • Universal API: A new, improved API for product teams and external customers for ingesting leads into DAP. 
  • Display Ads Pacing Dashboard: The new dashboard provides deeper insights to track and optimize ad delivery. The dashboard shows how often impressions are delivered and how these delivered impressions affect conversion rates.

Mobile Connect

Integrate's Mobile Connect is an app that works with the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP). Anyone in a B2B field role can use Mobile Connect to gain opt-in consent and collect contact information on prospects wherever they meet them, and easily send their details back to DAP. DAP governs and standardizes the contact information before passing it on to your CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP), enabling you to use the data collected offline to be used in your cross-channel digital programs.

Mobile Connect benefits your organization by enabling marketers and revenue teams to get more precise and predictable with your cross-channel outreach, as follows: 

  • Capture leads anytime, anywhere: Sales conversations can happen anywhere. Now your team can collect contacts at any time, regardless of location.
  • Increase teamwork: By having an “always on” tool – marketing and sales can stay aligned even when events aren’t happening.
  • Improve critical data governance: With DAP and Mobile Connect, leads are automatically standardized, validated, and checked for compliance. 
  • Become more efficient: Eliminate manual processes and route prospect data to your systems in real-time for faster nurture and follow-up. 

Universal API

Integrate’s new universal API ensures that customers can send and update lead data programmatically to DAP in real-time. Our new API can be leveraged by our customers' apps, forms, or any other method that has the capability to interact with an API. In addition to increasing the number of sources from which you can receive leads, the new API also allows for real-time flow of leads into our platform. This means that as soon as a lead is captured, it can be sent to our platform in real-time, rather than waiting for a manual entry or bulk upload. 

The universal API provides the following benefits:

  • Improved data security and scalability. 
  • Customers can now receive leads from a wider range of sources, which will help you grow your business.
  • Allows real-time flow of leads into our platform and reduces the amount of manual entry and bulk uploading.

Display Ads Pacing Dashboard

The Display Ads Pacing dashboard provides more insights to track and optimize ad delivery. The Dashboard shows how often impressions are delivered and how these delivered impressions affect conversion rates.

We know how manual and time-consuming creating reports on campaign performance, budget, and impressions can be, so we developed a reporting dashboard that allows our team to quickly develop reports for clients so they get information on campaigns in a timelier manner and can make any adjustments that may be needed. 

The Dashboard provides the following benefits:

  • The Display Ads Dashboard also allows users to directly view the impression delivery and compare it to their campaign goals. In this way, users can interact with the data more intuitively and increase user engagement.
  • The Display Ads dashboard provides more insights to track and optimize ad delivery.
  • Customers will now have the most up-to-date data on the performance of their ads.  


B2B marketing today is more complicated and disconnected than ever. If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that connections are more important than ever and marketers can't afford to do a poor job of connecting with their buyers. We need to treat them like gold. That’s why we’re committed to developing new marketing products that help drive important connections and bring offline data into your digital campaigns so you can build trust, deepen connections with customers, and close deals. 

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