At Integrate, we’ve built our customer centric culture on five pillars. They’re the heart and soul of how we approach our work and how we serve our customers. This is one of a series of posts in which we’ll describe one of the pillars and how it makes Integrate, well, Integrate.

Integrate Cultural Pillar #4 - Radical Candor

A lot of organizations are bad at candor.

See what we did there? Because you should.

(We did it again there.)

Candor can seem, well, radical (hence the pillar name). To make it effective, you have to practice it daily. At Integrate, we do. And we’re pretty good at it, in ways that benefit both our corporate culture and our customers.

There’s a reason for this, of course. In a B2B marketing industry that’s increasingly complex, there’s no time for passive-aggressive responses or handwringing. Our customers count on us for the kind of down-to-earth communication that leads to smart, reliable answers. And to game-changing solutions that are rooted in reality.

That’s why we’re clear with feedback, quick with the honest truth, and we always balance critical perspective with listening ears and solutions that fit real needs.

This commitment to candor enables us to cultivate relationships internally and externally that are free of fear, but rich with bold ideas. Steven Stucky, Software Engineer, sees that in the way his team lives out the radical candor pillar, week in and week out.

“We’re not afraid to talk about important issues,” Stuckey said. ”We often have open discussions about the challenges we’re facing, providing both positive feedback and constructive criticism when needed, which I believe is an integral part of our success.”

Such discussions––wide open, bluntly honest, completely real––fuel Integrate’s approach to B2B marketing.

For some organizations, that’s radical.

But we thrive on it. Candidly speaking, of course.

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