At Integrate, we’ve built our customer centric culture on five pillars. They’re the heart and soul of how we approach our work and how we serve our customers. This is one of a series of posts in which we’ll describe one of the pillars and how it makes Integrate, well, Integrate.

Integrate Cultural Pillar #5 - Innovation

To us, innovation isn’t simply chasing someone else’s idea of a hot trend. Innovation means thinking big. And then thinking a little bigger.

It means having the courage to venture out on a limb or two.

It means falling forward. Fast.

Throughout our company, across far-flung offices and coworkers, cross-functional teams work in a culture that embraces the free flow of fresh perspectives. We encourage brainstorms. And as we do, we listen. We ground our lightning-in-the-bottle thinking with the reality of user needs and insights, rather than just our own inspired thinking.

The result: innovation that fits. That works. That inspires more innovation.

“Innovative thinking is what drives us every day. It’s how we lead the marketplace by really stepping up with new solutions for our customers,” said Ray Chooi, Full Stack Developer. “Besides, thinking innovatively is fun. It adds character to our business and makes it great to come to work each day.”

Chooi’s perspective captures the purpose of our innovation pillar perfectly. We believe a culture that inspires creativity and innovation is not only a great one in which to work, it’s also an incubator for the game-changing ideas that cut development times, foster more-nimble responses to market needs, and keep our customers happy and successful all the way down the sales funnel.

That’s the kind of culture we happily work in, every day.

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