B2B marketing has always been hard. I co-founded Integrate over 12 years ago when I was a B2B marketer because I saw first-hand the opportunity to make B2B marketing easier and more scalable through technology. And while marketing strategies and the technologies that support new approaches have grown by leaps and bounds – from about 150 martech solutions back in 2011 to nearly 10,000 today – B2B marketing hasn’t gotten any easier.

Why is that? Consider how much the world has changed over the past decade. In 2010, the world was a lot less global, and technology and access to content was not nearly as instantaneous as it is today. Take for example that in 2010, the iPad and Instagram had just launched, Netflix was still a DVD-by-mail business, marketing automation was still relatively new, and strategies like ABM had yet to even gain traction.

Today, in addition to the broader technological changes of the past decade, there are even more forces impacting businesses across the world: the ongoing pandemic, supply chain disruptions, Russia-Ukraine conflict, and economic softening. These factors have a trickle-down effect that ultimately influences how B2B buyers make purchasing decisions.

For instance, the pandemic pushed buying behavior to be more self-serve, online, and rep-free. As a result, today, B2B buyers act much more like B2C buyers and have higher expectations of being heard, known, and understood. They’re also consuming content across multiple channels, like social media, digital ads, content syndication, and in-person and virtual events. Add to that the inevitability of budget cuts in an uncertain economic climate, and B2B marketers are facing the perfect storm of complexity.

A New Perspective

At Integrate, we are championing a new approach to marketing called Precision Demand Marketing (PDM) that addresses how to do marketing amidst these critical business shifts. It combines an always-on approach with an account-based focus, and offers a buyer-driven, omnichannel strategy that is more agile, precise, and personalized to our buyers.

To support B2B marketers toward a PDM approach, Deb Wolf, Integrate’s CMO, and I wrote a book called Precision Demand Marketing: Achieving the Promise of Predictable Pipeline. We combed through research on recent market shifts; we interviewed about 20 marketing thought leaders; and we catalogued case studies from several of our customers and partners, who shared how PDM has improved their marketing ROI.

The result? A new book covering ground that even the best B2B marketing books have missed. Our book covers the best way for B2B marketers to develop practical, hands-on strategies to survive and thrive in today’s unpredictable world.

Precision Demand Marketing compared to the best B2B marketing books.

What’s in the Book?

PDM requires a reorientation of thinking for sellers looking to reach today’s B2B buyer. The book discusses:  

  • The history of modern marketing and how modern concepts have very old precepts 
  • Why modern buyer habits are not going to revert to the old ways
  • How to use intent data to find the right target before the competition and sometimes before they even know they’re looking for a solution 
  • Connecting with those buyers in whichever channel they use 
  • How to activate buyers no matter which stage of their journey they’re in
  • How to measure the efficacy of your work and present it to executives
  • Ensuring governance is up-to-code. 

Get the Book!

In today’s complicated world, there’s little room for error. We can’t afford to waste budget on the wrong strategies and tactics. We must be precise when it comes to connecting with our buyers and reaching our pipeline and revenue goals. And we need to be buyer-driven and reach our buyers in the channels where they are. 

In our conversations with clients and prospects, marketers intrinsically get the concept but sometimes struggle to understand how it modifies their current approach and, of course, how to make the change.

Order your free copy of the book and learn how to shift your approach to meet your buyers’ needs with precision. After all, it’s high time that B2B marketing got easier.  

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