Today's world is increasingly digital. Consider how we all consume content: We’re on our phones checking social media and email; we’re watching online videos on our smart TVs and laptops; we’re reading the news and blogs on our tablets. In fact, recent Gartner research from the “Tech Marketing Benchmarks Survey 2021: Demand Generation Insights” found that the top six most utilized channels are digital, with social marketing and email tied for the top spots.

At Integrate, we’re committed to helping our B2B marketing customers create more precise and personalized cross-channel buying experiences that reach the right buyer with the right message at the right point in their buying journey, and ultimately convert more leads to revenue. 

That’s why we’ve added Precision Social to our capabilities, making Integrate the only cross-channel solution out there with the ability to activate marketing campaigns on content syndication, digital ads, webinars and in-person events, and social.    

Precision Social allows marketers to do more with their target account lists and solve their activation, governance, and measurement challenges on social channels. Capabilities include the ability to:  

  • Create a cross-channel experience: Activate a target account list from any source or channel with a LinkedIn campaign. Increase your conversions by 2-3x by using a Lead Gen Form prepopulated with information from existing profiles. Connect LinkedIn Ads to your cross-channel strategy and lose the spreadsheets. 
  • Automate your way to 100% marketable & actionable data: Never download, format, upload, or enrich a spreadsheet again. Ensure 100% marketable data from your social campaign and enrich your leads with firmographic and demographic data.  
  • Get better ROI: View account-level LinkedIn Ad performance with no manual effort. Identify in-market accounts and activate them across channels. A quick glance shows you engaged accounts, across all your LinkedIn campaigns. A few clicks put them in a list - ready for activation. Then, when you need it, cross-channel reporting is there, all inside the Demand Acceleration Platform. 

Additional capabilities to support a cross-channel, connected and flexible Precision Demand Marketing approach include:  

  • Interactive insights dashboards that provide new reporting formats with interactive graphing capability to promote a better understanding of the data. 
  • Campaign creation and workflow tools, including asset library notifications to support campaign coordination.  
  • ABM and target account list optimization for domain capping and reporting to ensure a balanced approach to targeting using ABM. These features enhance the ability for B2B marketers to create precision-driven account-based marketing campaigns.  

For more information on Precision Social, please book a demo!