The most effective demand generation marketers have one thing in common: they're seriously committed to self-improvement. Subscribing to blogs from the best thought-leaders in the industry can help you up your game by providing direct access to some of the latest insights, research and best practices.

These seven blogs come highly recommended by us at Integrate as well as by the many B2B marketing pros we work with daily. While the topics aren't limited to demand generation exclusively, they do provide deep insight into key aspects of demand generation, like marketing automation, content marketing, lead generation and much more.

7 Must-Follow Demand Marketing Blogs

1. HubSpot

HubSpot may be synonymous with inbound marketing, but their blog offers a stream of content on relevant topics for B2B demand marketers. The blog is easy to navigate by topic and features easy-to-use tagging.

The HubSpot blog provides helpful, actionable advice for creating quality content and using organic distribution channels to help build a full-funnel marketing strategy. Some of the common topics are content marketing, marketing metrics, SEO, social media, email marketing, marketing automation and more.

2. Demand Gen Report

The Demand Gen Report is an excellent place to find a balanced source of demand generation insights, industry news and thought leadership from leading B2B marketers.

While the Demand Gen Report blog is only one of several free resources offered by Demand Gen Report, their content contains insights into their original research and discovery of emerging trends. With multiple authors contributing, subscribing here provides access to a wide array of diversified opinions and actionable tactics offered by the top experts in their respective fields.

3. Marketo

Marketo is a fantastic blog from a leading marketing automation software provider that offers up-to-the-minute insights into B2B marketing best practices. Topics covered include ABM, digital marketing, marketing technology and even branding.

Marketo offers a user-friendly, intuitive website, with dedicated sections for different topics and flexible email subscription options.

4. Bizible

Boasting over 10,000 followers, the Bizible blog is chock-full of how-to marketing guides and demand generation tactics. Blog posts are highly actionable and filled with case study-style data on how real brands achieve amazing results from demand generation strategies.

5. Act-On

Act-On is another marketing automation software blog you don’t want to skip. With articles authored from a wide range of B2B marketing perspectives, they offer fast-paced and interesting content geared toward marketing innovation and fresh ideas.

Their slogan, “Ideas You Can Act On,” is accurate and their blog posts always slant towards actionable rather than abstract theory.

6. Marketing Insider Group

There is so much to learn from the well-informed articles at MIG, but expect their knowledge to cover much more than demand generation. If you're looking for weekly content to help boost your grasp of cutting-edge marketing, analytics and lead generation methods, then this is a must-follow for sure.

Besides the tactics mentioned, the Marketing Insider Group is worth following for their insight into fresh research and marketing trends alone.

7. Integrate

Of course, we think you should follow our blog as well. We provide fresh posts each week, full of tips and insights to help our audience overcome their marketing challenges. Our content is written exclusively from a demand marketing perspective and the industry thought-leaders that contribute to our content provides you with valuable insights into marketing leadership, demand generation, marketing operations and account-based marketing (ABM), just to name a few topics.

Learn from the Best B2B Marketing Brains

There's no shortage of B2B marketing content online, but not all sources are worth the time to follow. These seven blogs are trusted and followed by game-changing demand marketers as a resource of actionable ideas you can really put to work for your brand.

We highly recommend subscribing to each one of them. If you do, you can start each day with a fresh dose of motivation and insight to help you level up your skill and understanding of all aspects demand gen marketing.

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