We’ve been thinking a lot about connection lately. It’s an interesting time to consider bringing people together when we’re spending so much time apart. But connection is in our DNA; it’s what drives us. It’s essential to our wellbeing, and to the industry we serve – B2B Marketing. And at a time like this, when the world has gone digital overnight and B2B buyers are making purchases from makeshift home offices, making connections with prospective and current customers is more important than ever.

One thing is certain in these uncertain times; no two customer journeys look the same. Yet expectations are higher than ever for brands to meet buyers where they are and to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. The opportunities are there. According to Forrester’s Sirius Decisions, B2B buyers average 15 to 17 brand interactions while on their journeys to purchase. It’s nearly impossible to make those interactions relevant and meaningful, however, with data that is inconsistent and incomplete. And, if your channels, campaigns, teams or technology supporting the customer journey are disconnected, things go from bad to worse.

Let’s bring this challenge to life. Your content syndication investment makes that first contact with a potential buyer from a target account. Then, separately your ABM team is serving that same account digital ads. But, when that same buyer registers for your online event, there is zero visibility into these engagements. This leaves the prospective customer wondering if your solution is really right for her, since you haven’t delivered a cohesive brand experience.

Generally, marketers have the right idea. They usually plan and measure each demand campaign carefully. The problem is, they do so in isolation creating silos that don’t align with their buyers’ journey. Until we think beyond individual channel and campaign tactics and design a seamless journey across all channels, we’ll continue to miss the mark in delivering quality experiences that connect our brand and solutions to our best prospects and customers.

Your Demand Cloud – Where Business Starts

Today I’m proud to introduce the Integrate Demand Cloud, a centralized, customizable cloud platform that provides the connectivity, quality and scale to orchestrate seamless buyer and account journeys. The Integrate Demand Cloud starts with connecting the essential components you use to generate demand: your channels, your media, event and data providers, your processes and workflow, and your existing and future technology investments required to create an efficient and effective demand engine.  This includes seamless integration and orchestrated workflows with your marketing automation, CRM and analytics systems. By connecting and orchestrating your critical components, you gain visibility and insights across multiple channels and can measure and optimize your cross-channel demand investment.

"Integrate has taken away the administration of demand marketing. The software has given us efficiency, lead quality, and needed campaign insights." - Pamela Guyton-Micheles, Senior Manager, Demand Generation Marketing and International Programs, Avalara.

Gone are the days of engaging buyers in siloed channel tactics, hoping to lead them to your solution. The Integrate Demand Cloud allows your team to coordinate a data-driven approach to transformative, connected customer experiences. This shift to precision demand generation, where every interaction is high quality and results in real bottom line value, is achievable with centralized demand activities.

By saving 280+ hours per month of non-strategic demand-related tasks, the Avalara team can spend time on strategy and campaign optimization. Guyton-Micheles continued, “Integrate allows us to easily see which combination of lead sources and content assets are working for us and which aren't, and we can quickly tweak programs accordingly. Integrate has become an instrumental part of the sales cycle."

So now, when potential buyers interact with your content, see targeted digital ads and attend your virtual events, your team knows who they are and where they are in their journeys. All of their interactions with your demand channels are connected and make sense.

From content syndication to social media marketing to account-based marketing, you can ensure the money and time you spend are delivering the highest quality marketable leads. Flexible, built-in analytics allow your team to focus on campaign efficiencies and allocate budget intelligently. The actionable insights you get from the Integrate Demand Cloud will give your sales team confidence that the leads marketing delivers are high value.

We invite you to come design your own demand cloud. Take control of your marketing channel alignment. Ensure you connect with every buyer at the right moment in their customer journey.

Jeremy Bloom

Chief Executive Officer, Integrate

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