Today at Integrate, we announced some exciting news – the acquisition of a great new product. Our journey to acquire ListenLoop began with an opportunity to solve a customer pain-point and further serve our mission to orchestrate top-of-funnel demand for B2B marketers.

As the market leader in demand orchestration, our customers often share with us their broader marketing struggles. A common thread on this topic has been programmatic ABM efforts not generating the required pipeline (leads) for sales, which leads to pressure from finance to prove success or risk losing budget.

We saw this challenge as an exciting opportunity as part of our mission to help B2B marketing and sales teams generate clean, intelligent leads from any demand source. We put our heads together and drew up a concept to connect top-of-funnel programmatic with demand generation programs to see whether the insights and engagement captured by programmatic could help make both marketing investments more effective.

With the customer challenge captured and the success metrics defined, we launched a business development initiative to find the best ABM platform to partner with.

The first time I heard about ListenLoop was when a colleague told me that they had built a multi-million dollar profitable business with no sales team, no enablement, minimal customer success and a payment model of credit cards on their website. This was hard to imagine because programmatic ABM is complicated and involves numerous moving parts.

However, after our team experienced their technology for the first time, it became easy to understand why their platform delighted their brand and agency customers. Not only did the technology make it easy to launch sophisticated ABM engagement campaigns, it also reduced the amount of manual work by our internal account management team by orders of magnitude.

The next obvious question was, "Could their platform handle our enterprise customers’ scale?"

We signed commercial partnership terms, connected their account insights into the Integrate dashboard and rolled out a private beta to a few of our larger enterprise customers. We then A/B tested:

  1. Demand generation as a stand-alone
  2. Programmatic as a stand-alone
  3. Programmatic connected to demand generation

Next, we compared/contrasted each methods’ contribution to pipeline and revenue.

ListenLoop not only handled the enterprise-scale with grace but to our customers’ delight demonstrated a definite increase in the pipeline, funnel acceleration and provided account insights that were differentiated from any other platform that we tested in the market.

After a few months of beta, it was clear that together we were delivering impressive value to our customers. We now have a robust Account-based Demand Generation solution that uniquely combines programmatic display and lead generation. And with programmatic ABM, we’ve expanded our demand orchestration sources and capabilities.

During acquisition due diligence, we validated that they had indeed created a profitable and growing business — a significant testament to the great leadership of the two co-founders, Rodrigo Fuentes and Sandeep Arneja.

We are honored to officially lock arms with the talented team at ListenLoop and work together on our bold mission to orchestrate demand and deliver on B2B teams’ growth and pipeline goals.

What’s next?

We will begin to roll out our Account-based Demand Generation solution across our customer base and bring this solution to a broader market. We have also retained all of the former ListenLoop employees that include engineers in New York, Belarus, China, and the Philippines.

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