Hear How Demand Orchestration Software is Changing the Game for Leading B2B Marketing Teams 

Integrate is privileged to work with some of the most transformative marketing execs, demand gen experts and marketing ops pros leading the industry today. We’re passionately committed to their success. Our software is changing the way these marketers do business – saving resources, enabling informed decisions, delivering on marketing goals – and preventing a few wasted tears.

Box Increases Content Syndication ROI by 3.9x in One Year

Heather Berggren“Everyone said that content syndication doesn’t work at Box. Our reps didn’t want to call a syndication lead and they had good reason! The three main components of a successful syndication campaign – high quality content, effective targeting and data insights – were all broken. Integrate’s platform provides us with a confluence of fixes across these pillars to drive impactful engagements via syndication programs resulting in quality conversations for our sales Teams.”
~ Heather Berggren, Sr. Director, Campaigns and Demand Generation, Box 

Core Results:

  • $699K media budget savings in first three quarters
  • Lead follow-up time reduced from 3 days to less than 1 day
  • 50-100 hours in monthly time savings


Avalara Saves 3000+ Hours of SDR time with Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software

Pamela Guyton-Micheles“Integrate allows us to easily see which combination of lead sources and content assets are working for us and which aren't, and we can quickly tweak programs accordingly. Integrate has become an instrumental part of the sales cycle.”
~ Pamela Guyton-Micheles
Senior Manager, Demand Generation Marketing and International Programs, Avalara

Core Results:

  • 3,000+ total hours of SDR time saved by eliminating bad leads
  • 280+ hours per month of non-strategic demand gen tasks eliminated


Trend Micro Combines Integrate and Marketo to Scale Pipeline by 660%

Ashleigh Davis 200x200“Cyber security is huge and we need to be in the conversation, engaging prospective buyers at our key accounts. Since time and personnel resources are precious, we needed to be smarter and more efficient. Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software gave us the edge needed to scale quickly and hit our goals.”
~ Ashleigh Davis, Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand Generation & Operations, Trend Micro 

Core Results:

  • Shifted 25 hours per month from manual tasks to marketing strategy
  • Reduced lead follow-up time from over a week to less than 24 hours
  • Increased pipeline value 6.6x due to greater visibility into account- and opportunity-impact




Commvault Increases Marketing Attributed Deals by 4.5X

Dawn Colossi 200x200 round“We needed to extend our hard work beyond our website. Paying attention to other sites and treating them like our own – thoughtful of the content we put on them, what they were doing and how they are performing – is key to our strategy’s success. That’s where Integrate comes in – it’s an intelligent way to manage all the channels and measure all the performance data.”
~ Dawn Colossi, Sr. Director of Worldwide Digital Marketing, Commvault 


Core Results:

  • Marketing-attributed closed-deals increased from 6% to 27%
  • Cut digital budget by 23% while delivering greater results
  • Increased average deal size by 20% across digitally engaged accounts
  • Close rate jumped from 15% to 30%



Rackspace Cut Lead Costs by More Than 50%

ben-staley-marketing-programs-manager“Using third-party media partners is an industry standard for scaling demand gen. But it's only as effective as the degree to which that scale can be measured and managed. That's where Integrate comes in.”
~ Ben Staley, Marketing Programs Manager, Rackspace 


Core Results:

  • 50.1% decrease in cost per lead
  • 5x increase in lead velocity
  • Eliminated 40+ hours per months in lead processing tasks
  • 103.3% improvement in lead quality

Iron Mountain Effortlessly Scales and Manages High-Quality Demand Generation

leslie-cocco-alore-iron-mountain-marketing-ops“Integrate is a solution to very real problems we were having. We've seen results immediately.”
~ Leslie Cocco Alore, Head of Global Marketing Operations & Automation, Iron Mountain  

Core Results:

  • Email open-rate jumped 12% to 31% & click-to-open rate 2% to 13.5%
  • 4x increase in scored MQLs
  • Eliminated 84 hours per month in manual lead processing tasks
  • Generated $21.69M in influenced pipeline 


Just Media Delivers Tech-Enabled, Data-Driven Demand Gen Services

Brandon Friesen 200x200“We use Integrate’s software to help us make intelligent optimization decisions. It makes us smarter, allows us to make better decisions and provide more value to the client.”
~ Brandon Friesen, President, Just Media

Core Results:

  • Reduced time spent on lead processing
  • Enabled clients to follow-up on new leads in near real-time
  • Prevented incomplete and inaccurate data from being passed to client systems
  • Eliminated wasted spend from client marketing budgets 


RES Software Automates Digital Marketing So They Can Scale

Anca Popovici“In order to scale RES had to optimize lead management and processing. With Integrate, it's just a lot less work and everything is so much easier for me.”
~ Anca Popovici | Director of Global Demand Generation, RES Software

Core Results:

  • Cost per inquiry and cost per MQL reduced by 40%
  • Regained 20 hours per month by eliminating manual lead processing
  • Reduced lead upload time from 2 days to less than 5 minutes 




CA Technologies Decreases Lead Costs by Nearly 60%

Stephanie McArthur“Integrate generates results. The software enables us to make decisions based on data rather than gut instinct.”
~ Stephanie McArthur | Program Manager of Global Integrated Marketing, CA Technologies 

Core Results:

  • 59.2% decrease in effective cost per lead (eCPL)
  • Team regained 40 hours per month by eliminating manual lead and data processing

Penton Scales Monthly Business by 40%

Kate Spellman

“In order to lead the curve, Penton had to transform to a data-driven media company. This meant automating, getting smarter about using our data, and scaling our services. Integrate has been an integral partner in this transformation.”

~ Kate Spellman | CMO, Penton 

Core Results:

  • 40% increase in monthly business
  • Eliminated 30+ hours per month in manual lead delivery tasks
  • Launch campaigns 10x faster
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