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Instana Case Study

Instana generated 6M in open opportunities with 95% target account list penetration rate.

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Lynchpin Media Case Study

Lynchpin Media delivered 30 percent more leads and eliminated silos between internal teams.

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Iron Mountain Case Study

Iron Mountain increased MQL conversion rates from 6 to 22 percent and eliminated 84 hours in monthly lead processing tasks.

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LeadIQ Case Study

LeadIQ is on course to its goal of $5 million to $6 million in open pipeline growth.

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Harland Clarke Case Study

Harland Clarke cut down on manual processes, increased opportunities by 240 percent, and grew SQLs 166%.

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The approach needs to be multi-channel, and we see this works much better when we position ourselves in the ‘watering holes’ people go to rather than the ones we try to create ourselves. This is exactly why we work with Integrate—they allow us to be hyper-targeted to the accounts we want and put our messages in the places our audience is…then continue to retarget to them in various ways (beyond content syndication.)

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President of Growth Marketing


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