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Save time and money by stopping bad lead data at the source. The Demand Marketer’s Guide to the Cost of a Bad Lead.

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We Understand

As a marketer, you’re on the hook to deliver pipeline and hit revenue targets. But your team is struggling to stitch together disparate data, processes, and systems to manage demand initiatives and lead data. Something has to change.

  • Time lost scrubbing bad data
  • Greater risk of noncompliance
  • Delays in sales engagement
  • Weakened demand programs

Save Money

The estimated cost of a bad lead

Source: Integrate Cost of a Bad Lead 2020

Leads generated from top-funnel sources are unmarketable

Source: Integrate Cost of a Bad Lead 2020

B2B marketers say their data is a mess

Source: Demand Gen Report, Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report, 2020

Demand Acceleration Platform

At the heart of the Integrate Demand Cloud is the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform serving as the centralized foundation for the critical governance, integrity and global compliance you need to ensure your lead data is validated and standardized. The flexibility of the demand cloud lets you ensure that all leads from all demand channels are qualified before routing to your systems for rapid, informed follow up.

The Benefits

Standardize data

Before lead data gets routed to your marketing automation or CRM, the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform automatically applies validation rules in near real-time, maximizing efficiency.

Prioritize demand channels

With built-in analytics for all marketing data, your sales pipeline delivers higher conversion rates for maximum revenue impact.

Work quickly and securely

Use Integrate’s innovative technology to ensure that you provide a relevant buying experience by meeting customers where they are in their journey.

Engage an Expert

Streamline the flow of lead data within your MarTech stack.

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See how the Integrate Demand Cloud delivers clean, validated, verified information to the top of your funnel and into your pipeline, and transforms your revenue generation efforts.

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