Demand Marketing Orchestration Software

Marketing organizations invest billions in top-of-funnel marketing programs to generate new prospects. But these campaigns and sources are often managed individually, and few are integrated with marketing automation or CRM. This results in wasted time, little insight into marketing performance and no ability to generate sizable increases in marketing attributed revenue.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software allows demand gen marketers, marketing ops pros, agencies and media providers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing efforts. It works with marketing automation and CRM systems, as well as ABM and predictive software, to build holistic demand marketing engines and predictably scale pipeline contributions.


Top-of-Funnel Program Automation

Centralizing demand generation campaigns and lead data sources allows you to efficiently manage top-funnel demand generation programs from contract to ongoing fulfillment. Effectively execute campaigns, while eliminating manual demand marketing tasks and saying goodbye to lead spreadsheets.

Integrate’s software allows you to manage:

  • Third-Party Lead Data
  • Event Lead Data
  • Inbound Lead Data

…so you can create a more efficient marketing organization and gain a unified view of program performance.

Scalable Demand Generation

Demand marketers are tasked with filling pipeline with an increased volume of qualified prospects. Integrate makes it easy to quickly identify new lead data sources and execute programs that can generate leads at both the contact and account levels using advanced tools and targeting.

Discover how Integrate's:

  • Data Marketplace
  • Account-Based Demand Generation
  • Predictive Demand Generation

...can rapidly scale your contributions to pipeline and revenue.



Actionable Lead Data

To successfully convert newly generated leads into marketing qualified leads, opportunities and revenue, lead data must be accurate and marketable before it’s injected into marketing automation.

Integrate’s data integrity solution offers real-time:

  • Data Validation
  • Data Enhancement
  • Surge Scoring
  • Data Standardization

…to inform nurturing and sales follow-up, boost engagement and increase conversions.

Real-Time Optimization

Top-funnel demand generation efforts need to be integrated with marketing automation and CRM to create a high-performing demand marketing engine. This allows you to correlate top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions and make more informed demand generation investments.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software provides:

  • Marketing Automation & CRM Integrations
  • Closed-Loop KPI Reporting
  • In-Flight Campaign Optimization

…driving stronger returns from your top-of-funnel programs and martech investments.

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