Demand Orchestration Solutions

Demand marketing teams are faced with a clear mandate to move beyond lead gen and contribute directly to sales pipeline and customer revenue. They’re using an increasing number of top-funnel strategies and programs to deliver on these expectations. But without an orchestrated, integrated approach to demand marketing, only nominal gains can be expected. 

Marketing organizations at Dell, Pluralsight, Iron Mountain and Salesforce turn to Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to automate and manage top-funnel marketing programs that drive pipeline, create more customers and increase marketing-attributed revenue.

Scalable Lead Generation 

While B2B marketers are focused on the end-game of driving revenue and creating new customers, they must still maintain a steady flow of qualified prospects entering the top of the funnel. But lead generation is no longer a matter of lead quality versus quantity. Today’s successful businesses depend on both. Marketers must identify, engage and nurture qualified (often account-specific) prospects at scale in order to increase pipeline value.

Integrate’s Lead Generation Solution helps B2B marketers deliver on their revenue-contribution goals by:

  • Enabling direct access to niche and broad audiences of 300+ proven lead providers
  • Delivering account-based and highly qualified leads
  • Automating lead gen campaign management, lead routing and optimization
  • Ensuring lead data is valid, complete and meets targeting parameters
  • Providing hands-on expertise of a dedicated Integrate customer success team

Discover how the Integrate Data Marketplace, Demand Orchestration Software and customer success experts come together to deliver on your demand marketing initiatives.



Account-Based Demand Generation

ABM is top priority for B2B marketing organizations. It’s a complex strategy that requires a comprehensive approach to not just identifying target accounts, but developing relationships with decision makers at those organizations.

Smart marketers rely on Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to engage and specific decision-makers within target accounts who can move opportunities forward. The software enables marketers to:

  • Centralize target-account data collected from various sources
  • Engage target-account decision-makers using brand content
  • Ensure newly generated leads meet persona and company targeting AND that lead data is accurate and actionable
  • Route decision-maker leads to the appropriate nurture tracks and/or sales-follow-up queues
  • Measure and optimize ABM program performance using closed-loop data from marketing automation and CRM systems

Learn how to translate your account-based marketing strategy into pipeline opportunities and revenue.

Event Data Management

Event marketing often takes the biggest portion of demand marketing budgets. However, marketers often face difficulty ensuring prompt follow-up on event-generated leads to convert them to opportunities while interest is high.

To ensure event investments pay off, B2B marketers are adopting Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to:

  • Automate event lead processing and lead routing, boosting efficiency and lead velocity
  • Append event-generated leads with professional and firmographic data that marketing and sales need for impactful follow-up
  • Measure event performance against other demand marketing programs for a holistic view of what’s working and what’s not

Learn how leading marketers are leveraging Integrate to maximize event ROI.



Global Compliance

Global marketing organizations must collect increasingly more detailed personal and professional data, while adhering to stricter data privacy regulations than ever. The balancing act can slow marketers down.

Demand marketers are adopting Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to:

  • Implement compliance agreements with third-party lead and data providers, customizable to each region’s regulations
  • Increase campaign launch speed by centralizing and streamlining procurement and data compliance processes
  • Securely transfer data according to EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss- US Privacy Shield laws
  • Restrict access to personally identifiable information (PII) collected from lead generation programs

Get the confidence you need to apply global compliance standards across top-funnel demand campaigns, without letting the complexities of international data privacy transfer laws slow you down.