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October 8, 2019
San Francisco

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Game Changers is a B2B marketing conference like no other.

It’s where thinkers and innovators converge.

Here, you’ll meet game-changing marketers who face the same real-world issues and challenges you face. Like you, their everyday jobs come down to one thing: delivering results. That’s why all sessions are interactive. The content is strikingly fresh. And all opinions are freely shared. As an attendee, you’ll come away not merely informed but empowered to fuel positive change at your company. You’ll be equipped with tactical ideas and advice that will re-shape the way you work today and help you shape your company’s approach for the years ahead.

Keynotes from industry leaders

Hear the latest on the issues and trends that are reshaping the way B-to-B marketing works.

Unified solution experience

Discover the power of the SaaS solution that unifies all top-of-funnel channels.


Meet, chat, and brainstorm with other marketing leaders.

Premier Venue

Experience a venue like no other with breathtaking views of San Francisco’s skyline.

October 8th Agenda

It’s a day of thought-provoking sessions, highlighted by keynotes from the top names in the industry.

Welcome to Game Changers – Do You Have What It Takes?  

Mark Tack

Mark kicks us off, previews and sets the tone for the day at Game Changers. His unique view as a CMO working with many other CMOs and their teams provides a reality check for the current state of B2B marketing and where we’re headed. He asks out of the gate: “Are you a Game Changer?”

A 2020 Vision for B2B Marketing: The Dawn of Marketing Orchestration

Jeremy Bloom

Marketing Automation was the capability that inspired a generation of B2B marketers to shift from brand marketers to revenue marketers. Today, it’s not enough. Integrate CEO and founder Jeremy Bloom makes the case for the rapid rise of the next generation – Marketing Orchestration – and shares what it means for you and for B2B revenue teams.

What It Takes to Change the Game – A CMO View

Carrie Palin

Marketing Execs are in the hot seat. They’re under tremendous pressure to drive change, deliver numbers and transform the customer experience. We’ve recruited strong marketing leaders to share their strategies, challenges and game plans to break through the noise, to scale marketing and to compete in a hyper-dynamic world. 

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Orchestrated Storytelling to Drive Demand

Jill Pringle

Storytelling has long been considered a brand-related discipline. But today, in a marketplace that is inundated with messaging, it’s more important than ever for B2B marketers to consistently deliver messages that are thought-provoking, memorable and that resonate. That’s easier said than done. In this session, classical singer and story-telling expert Jill Pringle draws from her music experience and marketing expertise to help your organization speak in unison and deliver strong pipeline results.

Are Sales and Marketing Equal Partners?

Hosted by Women in Revenue: Frannie Danzinger, Lauren Goldstein, Jennifer Pockell Dimas

Marketing and sales leaders represent their tribes, debating and making their cases for how sales and marketing can change up the dynamic, bantering on topics such as: “Who should own which number?” and “Are B2B teams ready for the sales and marketing (revenue) ops mash up?” HINT: Dump the over-done concept of “sales and marketing alignment.”

Marketing as an Enterprise Value Driver

Adam Komack

Understanding Marketing’s business value is under constant scrutiny. In this session, we learn how the marketing team at Akamai is leading a company go-to-market transformation while evolving marketing’s role in the organization, how they work with sales, and the role of brand + demand to meet the company’s growth mandate.

Activate Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Success

Scott Halford

An internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author, Scott Halford weaves psychology, brain-based behavioral science, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking into actionable insights. Insights that stick. Insights that help you succeed at work, in relationships––in life. His approach is unlike any other keynote speaker you’ve seen. Scott acts as a conduit between the audience and the complexities of neuroscience to demonstrate how understanding your brain can make you an effective leader and human being. It’s one session that will leave you thinking.

Path to Unity: A Discussion with Three Experts Who Understand the Journey

Mark Tack, Jaime Punishill, Colleen Langevin, David Alexander

Today’s marketers are tired of road blocks. They’re no longer content with managing marketing programs and data in silos. They’re moving toward an integrated approach––embracing marketing orchestration. We’ve brought together three experts for a fireside discussion on this critical topic. They’ll share the triumphs and trials they’ve encountered. They’ll talk about the value of unifying all top-of-funnel channels. And they’ll explain the importance of traveling the path to unity at a steady, sure pace. Most important, they’ll offer insight into how traveling that path will serve their needs, and yours, in the years ahead.

The Shift to Account-Focused Marketing

Scott Vaughan, Ben Howell 

Expectations of Marketing to increase brand relevancy, drive demand and generate revenue have never been greater. With savvy customers and dynamic markets, it takes next-level orchestration of teams, messaging, content, programs, data, tech and processes. Game changers from market leaders Palo Alto Networks and Salesforce share their thinking, approach and team’s work on winning marketing strategies.

Networking Break
Account-based Strategies That You Can Bank on

Colby Cavanaugh, Jon Miller, Patrice Greene, Mike Burton

We’re five years(ish) into the ABM movement. Whether you’re at stage one or an advanced pro, this session will provide realities, lessons from the frontline, and ideas to shape your account-based strategy that you can deliver in 2020. Hear from a panel of ABM company founders. We’ll skip the industry view and delve into how to make it work for your organization.

Using Orchestration to Power Your Growth

Mark Horton, Daniel McKeever

Mark and Danny, the Demand and Ops duo at high-growth SaaS company BetterUp, share their journey of building a marketing machine from the ground up. Among many topics, they discuss the challenge of balancing brand and demand, investing in the right tech, building dashboards that drive the business, and figuring out how to make an impact from day one.

Game Changers Winner Recognitions and Closing

Join Mark as we take a moment to honor our 2019 Game Changer Award Winners and close out they day. Then, meet us in the Solution Showcase for drinks and light bites to celebrate all the Game Changers. Together, we’ll end Game Changers by contemplating the great ideas that are unifying us today, and by imagining the innovations yet to come.

Solution Showcase Experience
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