Transform event interactions into pipeline and revenue

Drive a connected, buyer-driven strategy across all events and webinars.

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Make the most of your investment

Integrate Precision Events solutions drives holistic, buyer-centric marketing strategies across all your events, whether they’re in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Efficiently manage real-time lead capture and routing to your marketing automation and CRM Systems. Precision Events delivers better buyer experiences that generate greater ROI.

Turn your events into cross-channel experiences.


Take Control of your Data

Capture and activate leads anytime.

With Precision Events, you can eliminate rented scanners. There’s no need to fumble through business cards or to scrub spreadsheets. Use our universal mobile app to capture data from badges, business cards and fully customizable forms, then generate qualified leads and activate them with real-time follow-up at every event.

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Eliminate manual processes. Accelerate buyer engagement.

Connect to your Marketing Automation or CRM to convert leads fast.

With Precision Events, you can scan badges at thousands of in-person events around the globe using our unparalleled integrations with event registration systems. You can manage leads more efficiently at virtual events by integrating with leading webinar and event providers or by embedding customizable webforms. You can even connect an event’s channels to your tech stack, and then deliver leads into your marketing automation or CRM system in real time, for intelligent lead routing and fast follow-up.

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Get total governance.

Ensure every lead is marketable, actionable, and compliant.

With Precision Events, governance is easy. Simply route all event leads through Integrate’s Governance Engine before you send them to your marketing automation or CRM system, and you’ll ensure they are validated, standardized, and compliant.

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Customer Success

Learn how Promega boosted event lead capture 42%.

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Manual processing of list information was a significant drain on resources. With Integrate, all programs run through a single platform, eliminating lists and manual tasks to manage data quality.

VP of Growth Marketing at Promega


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Connect with receptive buyers through a Precision Demand Marketing strategy across in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

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Turn event interactions into pipeline and revenue.

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