Next Generation, Buyer-Driven Solution Enables B2B Marketers to Connect In-person, Virtual and Hybrid Events Strategies

Phoenix, AZ – June 23, 2021 –  Integrate, the leader in B2B Precision Demand Marketing (PDM), today announced the launch of new features in its Precision Events solution to create a more connected, buyer-driven Precision Demand Marketing strategy across in-person, hybrid, virtual events, and webinars. Precision Events, powered by the Demand Acceleration Platform, is the only solution that allows marketers to connect their event interactions with buyers and accounts to their digital demand strategy, resulting in a buyer-driven, omnichannel approach that drives more revenue at scale.

Over the last fifteen months, the B2B marketer's toolkit was greatly impacted by the elimination of in-person events. According to Bizzabo, 61% of marketers in 2019 believed that in-person events were the most critical marketing channel. Absent of those interactions, ON24 reported the number of virtual events hosted on their platform jumped by more than 330% in March 2020 over the previous year. Today, with the vaccine rollout underway, the return of in-person events is on the horizon, albeit in a different form. According to Freeman Future Forecast, 78% of event attendees expect to attend in-person events in fall 2021 and 94% by winter 2021, while Bizzabo reports that event strategies going forward will need to combine both physical and digital channels.

“As the world opens again, one thing is certain: the buyer's process has changed, and marketers must be ready to address the new event needs. Marketers can no longer view events as one-off, standalone occasions but rather as part of a broader, multichannel buyer experience,” said Chris Wickson, VP & GM, EMEA and Event Solutions. “From streamlining the event lead capture process at in-person trade shows via our universal mobile app, to bringing in event data from digital events, our Precision Events solution enables marketers to take control of their customer and prospect data across event formats and crucially, connect to their broader demand and account programs.”

Integrate aims to empower marketers to bridge the world between physical and digital events by unifying these channels in one platform and allowing marketers to orchestrate across them with agility. Wherever a buyer or account are in their process, Integrate enables marketers to deliver a consistent, connected experience to meet buyers in the channels where they research and make buying decisions. With Precision Events, marketers can:

  • Target your most valuable people and accounts through personalized follow-up via our events solution and intelligently through other channels post-events.
  • Activate and capture leads anytime, anywhere from the universal Integrate mobile app and webforms. Scan badges and business cards plus capture key qualifying information at trade shows, register and check-in attendees at small field events, and bring in real-time webinar data.
  • Connect to event registration and virtual event providers to take control of their data across thousands of events, globally. Integrate with marketing automation or CRM systems in real-time for immediate event lead follow-up. Upload any additional lead data before it’s passed into marketing automation and CRM systems via virtual booths or other event sources to ensure all event leads go through the same process for follow-up, workflows, and reporting purposes in Integrate’s platform.
  • Govern lead data before it is passed into marketing automation and CRM systems to ensure all event data records are 100% marketable, actionable, and compliant.
  • Measure event performance and optimize future event strategy and spend. View the status of leads as they pass through the Governance Engine and on to outbound integrations within the platform, providing better visibility into lead flow and an enhanced ability to track lead performance.

Integrate’s Precision Events solution also includes new integrations to virtual and webinar platforms so that customers can route their webinar lead data through the Demand Acceleration Platform to ensure it is governed and routed appropriately to their marketing automation or CRM in real time for follow-up.

"The events landscape is rapidly changing, and we need to reimagine events in a buyer-driven world. It's time that event marketing breaks out of its silos,” said Nicole Siegal Fuselier, Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing at Matterport. “We are excited to partner with Integrate to create a connected experience that is buyer-driven, omnichannel and agile."

Additionally, Precision Events has security protocols in place, including single-sign (SSO) capabilities with identity providers and SOC-2 compliance.

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