Demand Acceleration Platform Makes Convergence of ABM and Demand Strategies More Powerful

Boulder, CO and Remote – November 15, 2022 - Integrate, the leader in B2B Precision Demand Marketing (PDM), today announced new product features that enable marketers to be more precise and powerful in their account based marketing (ABM) strategies. The new features in Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform include Account Profiles, Target Account List Import, and Target Account List Optimization, which provide greater insight into cross-channel campaign performance by account, automates target account lists from various sources, and ensures more precision with budget spend against ABM campaigns.

A recent survey Integrate conducted in conjunction with global research firm, Demand Metric, on the "2022 State of B2B Marketing Budgets," found that only 27% of marketers say that ABM is a key part of their strategy and 53% plan to spend less on ABM in 2023. The report suggests that this is a result of how difficult it is to implement ABM successfully. In contrast, marketers are primarily focused on the trifecta of (1) a buyer-driven & cross-channel strategy (54%), (2) an always-on approach (43%), and (3) traditional demand gen (43%). In fact, according to Forrester’s 2022 State Of ABM Survey, 26% of “ABM” initiatives do not actually follow any tenets of ABM best practices.

"In theory, ABM is in many ways just good marketing, but in practice, it's incredibly hard to get right," said Colby Cavanaugh, SVP of Marketing at Integrate. "It's evident that B2B marketers are looking for ways to be more precise, more agile, and more personalized in their approach, and we are supporting customers toward achieving predictable pipeline."

The new product features within Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform strengthen marketers' ability to execute ABM with precision and extend their investments in ABM, and include the following functionality:

  • Account Profiles allow for an easy at-a-glance view into target list reach and engagement, giving marketers greater visibility in cross-channel marketing performance. Marketers can get a view of engagement across target account lists and zoom into an account-by-account view of engagement.
  • Target Account List Import makes it easier and faster to import target account lists automatically from leading ABM vendors, sales teams, or customer success teams, giving marketers greater flexibility in how they bring in account information. Marketers are able to optimize and customize their target account lists and eliminate manual processing to get marketing campaigns quickly underway. The list can be updated automatically at a user-defined interval e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Target Account List Optimization optimizes lead targeting across your entire target account list ensuring a more even distribution of opted in leads from each domain on your list. This can be configured at the source level or at the campaign level.

"If there’s one thing we’ve learned in these past few years of uncertainty, it’s how important it is for B2B marketers to take a buyer-centric, cross-channel strategy so they can reach their buyers better,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer at Integrate. “That's why at Integrate, we are building products that support B2B marketers across the marketing maturity continuum with a Precision Demand Marketing approach to bolster both ABM and traditional demand generation efforts."

To learn more about these new features, please visit Integrate’s blog, "3 Ways to Make Your ABM  Programs More Powerful.”