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Performance Center: AI Marketing Analytics for Demand Generation

Accelerate data-driven decisions with AI-powered marketing insights for greater business impact.

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Integrate Performance Center

Marketers are reeling from today's economic pressures. CEOs and CFOs are watching closely. Teams and budgets have been disrupted, the B2B marketing buying landscape continues to get more complicated, and marketers face immense pressure to adapt quickly. While many marketers have adopted AI to generate content prompts to augment production, now is the time to leverage the AI-driven insights that enable marketers to accelerate decision-making and improve performance.

Get real-time visibility and AI-powered marketing insights with:

  • Buying group composition, engagement, and gaps.
  • Demand channel results and closed-loop impact to pipeline.
  • Media partner performance and reliability.

Optimize program performance, refine account-based tactics, and track ROI efficiently.

of B2B marketers sell to groups of 3 or more individuals. And 38% of marketers sell to groups of 10 or more.
B2B buyers now regularly use 10 or more channels to interact with suppliers.
of tech decision makers in data roles anticipate investing in AI for marketing insights in 2024.

AI-Powered Marketing Analytics for Smarter, Faster, Better Decisions and Optimization

A man in front of a laptop visualizing a technology in the shape of a spherical network

Complexity Made Simple

Visualize buying group engagement and media partner performance in new and unique ways to quickly understand the data and optimization opportunities.

A woman and a man analyzing data in front of a laptop

Artificial Intelligence to Augment Your Intelligence

Optimize campaigns, programs, partnerships, and budgets with AI-driven accelerated decisions to keep pace with today's expectations.

A person examining marketing reports on a laptop and printouts.

Recognizable Returns

Defend campaign spend with clear savings and ROI.

A woman overjoyed at what she is seeing on a laptop. There's a spherical graphics overlay, symbolizing AI-empowered data analytics.

Love What You Do

Thrive with more meaningful impact to pipeline, revenue, and business outcomes.

A tablet displaying various charts and analytics data, including a bar graph and a funnel representation for account progression

Instantaneous, Out-of-the-Box AI-Powered Insights to Improve Performance

  • Visualize accounts and buying groups with strong buying signals.
  • See target account list performance.
  • Report on downstream pipeline contribution.

A laptop displaying various charts and analytics data, including a bar graph of job functions and a pie chart of industries

AI Audience Targeting for Your Buying Groups: Members, Engagement, and Gaps

  • B2B marketing industry first AI to group your buying groups within accounts, no BI or development team needed.
  • Identify accounts in market with high buying group coverage and pass them to sales for effective outreach.
  • Update targeting and campaign configuration to better penetrate the buying group.

A desktop monitor displaying analytics data for Media Partner Health

AI to Improve Results From Your Media Partners

  • Score media partners with our proprietary machine learning and improve their performance. Metrics only available to Integrate with our history of content syndication data.
  • Optimize marketing budget by transferring more spend to media partners that consistently deliver quality leads with reliability and trust scores.
  • Make data driven go/no-go decisions with media partners by digging deeper with their in-depth profile to see performance overtime.

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See How AI-Powered Analytics Can Accelerate Smart Decisions

Let’s strategize about how you can get and show better business impact with Performance Center’s new AI-powered metrics identifying buying group members, media partner trustworthiness, and down-stream pipeline contribution.

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A laptop displaying various charts and analytics data, including bar graphs of job level and job function, and pie charts of company size and industry

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