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Amplify Your Brand and Demand With Integrate

Get predictable pipeline, meticulous brand campaigns, and beautiful cross-channel buyer experiences.

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Integrate Offers the World’s Premier Lead Generation Marketplace

Powered by our global network of trusted partners and expert campaign strategists, and facilitated by the Integrate platform, the Marketplace empowers you to produce turnkey brand and demand programs that deliver qualified, compliant, and marketable leads.

  • Make your brand known among your ABM target accounts with custom programmatic display campaigns.
  • Generate demand with our diverse content syndication partners and get compliant, marketable leads with no manual list scrubbing.
  • Provide an exceptional, multi-channel, consistent buyer experience with integrated media.

Target and Activate Campaigns Globally

The Integrate Marketplace has access to millions of B2B contacts around the globe.

integrated media

Integrated Media

Demand alone can't feed the machine.

Integrate helps your lead gen efforts reach their full potential when you leverage an integrated media approach. By combining brand and demand channels, our display advertising and content syndication, you benefit from unified technology to run precise, holistic campaigns with clean data insights.

content syndication

Content Syndication

The power of our global network and governance engine.

Expand your reach working with vetted partners who expose your brand and content to markets at a global scale while maintaining the reassurance of our governance engine routing only qualified and compliant leads directly to your MAP and CRM.

display advertising

Display Advertising

Target and nurture key accounts.

Activate target account lists, account and buyer data, and your highest performing assets to connect buyers across content syndication and display advertising channels. Utilizing the target account list, Integrate serves display advertising to all members of the buying committee at accounts showing intent.


Precision Demand Marketers map personalized journeys that work in concert with their cross channel peers. They engage the best prospects at optimum touchpoints — the right message to the right person in the right channel at the right time. They abandon their bloated tech stack in favor of the right technologies. They know the who, what, when, why and how of their sales and marketing data program. And ultimately they improve marketing ROI.

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President, Growth Marketing

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