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Security and Compliance at Integrate

Enterprise-grade security for your team.

secure development practices

Secure Development Practices

Integrate’s dedicated development team approaches security based on industry best-practices and our own control frameworks. We mitigate threats using our secure software development practices and industry-accepted operational practices.

information security and compliance

Information Security and Compliance

On their first day at Integrate, all employees receive security, privacy, and compliance training.

Our dedicated security team has a comprehensive security program which includes third-party audits such as SOC 2, penetration tests, vulnerability scanning, security incident response and threat-modelling.

infrastructure availability

Infrastructure Availability

We also offer a strong Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) program for our products, which includes backup recovery tests. And we monitor system performance, production infrastructure vulnerabilities, network performance, and encryption and Intrusion detection systems.

Compliance at Integrate

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