Capture social leads in real-time.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including social leads from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Generating scalable social leads creates several key challenges for B2B marketers.

  • Facebook and LinkedIn leads can be difficult and manual to process without direct marketing database integrations
  • Social demand gen creates challenges around data completeness, quality, and tracking capabilities
  • B2B marketers are generating social leads with no clear picture of how prospects perform down funnel

The Integrate Social Solution.

Leads convert better when you follow up faster. Integrate’s social connectors allow you capitalize on speed and accuracy- the good leads show up in your database right away, boosting your pipeline with opportunities to convert and drive revenue.

  • Our API integration provides more complete and actionable data for faster sales outreach
  • Integrate’s expert services team will partner with you to reduce manual processing time and navigate the new social demand generation frontier
  • We provide clean, intelligent and sourced data, giving you the analytics you need to quantify your social demand efforts

Partner with Integrate to achieve social demand generation excellence.

Our expert services team is here to advise you on campaign strategy to help you achieve your goals. Our world-class campaign managers and customer success managers are dedicated to your success.

"We all have huge LinkedIn and social networks. Being able to tap into a platform such as LinkedIn and draw my leads directly out of it into my funnel is massive. It is a game changer."