Acquire leads easily from diversified sources to scale your business.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, then expanding the number of sources within those channels.

Effective lead generation requires campaign diversification across various digital channels and sources to reach desired audiences.

  • It’s challenging to devote the time, effort, and budget to manage even a small network of partners independently
  • Finding trusted new partners requires time-consuming research, testing, and expert consultation – resources most marketing teams don’t have to spare
  • Long-term contracts and manual reporting processes make it difficult to optimize spend quickly
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Getting Started with 3rd-party Demand Gen

Integrate Marketplace.

The Integrate Data Marketplace helps B2B Marketers find and test trusted new lead providers to execute complex marketing programs across various sources.

  • Connect with the Data Marketplace as an extension of your marketing organization to effectively engage your target audiences, save time and reduce manual work.
  • Have confidence in privacy and GDPR compliance with our vendor security and privacy measures in addition to neutral third-party oversight.
  • With Integrate, you’re not required to accept every lead and vendors can be removed with a 48-hour notice, allowing for faster campaign optimization.

Test new sources with our highly effective Data Marketplace service combined with the powerful Integrate platform.

Our powerful Data Marketplace and world-class services team will help you align your messaging to target decision-makers and convert prospects using tactical multi-channel engagement.

"The marketplace provides us kind of this one-stop-shop for reaching the audiences that we need to go after."