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Manage data to turn qualified, marketable leads into revenue acceleration.

We believe marketers everywhere can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all demand channels into the Integrate engine.

Marketers are increasingly collecting leads from multiple demand sources, but more leads don’t create more sales without the right solution in place.

  • Marketers are experiencing inefficiencies by using multiple marketing technology platforms
  • Bad data causes poor marketing outreach and less opportunity for sales conversion
  • Compliance fines cost millions, potentially destroying profit margins
Rackspace decreased cost per lead by 50.1%
The Cost of Bad Leads

Integrate Marketing Orchestration.

The Integrate solution unifies demand channels into a powerful SaaS platform so marketers can ensure that every lead is globally compliant, accurate and intelligent before is passed into marketing and sales systems.

  • Robust direct integrations that connect all demand channels to the Integrate data processing engine
  • Integrate’s data governance and enrichment promotes sales-ready leads to your MA and CRM while blocking dirty data from compromising these systems
  • Integrate’s lead source agreements eliminate costly compliance penalties

Partner with Integrate to manage your data while unifying all of your top-of-funnel channels.

The Integrate services team will help you employ our powerful engine to boost the efficiency of varying components under your marketing hood. Prospect data obtained from every channel will be standardized, validated and enriched in our platform to deliver outcomes that generate revenue.

"Marketers are becoming more involved with driving revenue, which is so much fun, but with that comes a lot of challenges."