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Maximize the ROI of Your Events

Escape spreadsheet chaos with our seamless drag-and-drop event list automation solution. Manage your entire event workflow with the Integrate platform. Accelerate follow-up, pipeline creation, and defend your event spend with Integrate’s solutions for Field and Event Marketing teams.

Managing a Global Event Portfolio is Challenging

GDPR and other global privacy laws have strict regulations on data management and opt-in. Your field teams do not have a reliable method to collect lead data. The processing of leads from all event types requires a great deal of manual data management, leading to delays. And all too often, event leads are not gathered in ways that meet privacy compliance regulations, leading to wasted event investments.

Respond to Changes in B2B Buying Behavior

Integrate empowers field teams by ensuring your leads are fully marketable and compliant. By leveraging opt-in rules and our data governance framework, a curated list of event leads swiftly integrates into your MAP or CRM. This not only enhances the quality of your leads but also provides clear, real-time insights into the success of your events.

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82% marketers want to capture more lead info at events

Efficiently Manage Real-Time Lead Acquisition and Routing

Ensure leads are compliant and ready for immediate follow-up.

  • Generate qualifying lead data from every conversation you have with customers.
  • Route event leads in near real time to your MAP/CRM systems.
  • Follow up with leads quickly after meeting at your booth, creating a seamless offline to online experience with your brand.

70% marketers are challenged by data quality

Get Total Governance Across All Your Event Leads

Ensure every lead is marketable, actionable, and compliant.

  • Protect your event investments by ensuring all leads are compliant and marketable in your other programs.
  • Automate data governance and routing for all your event leads.
  • Ensure only 100% marketable and GDPR/CCPA/CASL-compliant data enters your marketing automation platform or CRM.
  • Standardize job titles, account names, and other fields to ensure intelligent lead routing.

82% event pros want to accurately measure event success

Measure and Optimize Your Event Strategy

Evaluate performance across all your events.

  • Quickly calculate your ROI across mulitple events to see patterns and recognize opportunities for improvement and where to invest your program dollars for a better return. 
  • Understand how events interact with cross-channel programs to drive pipeline and revenue.
  • Communicate event performance across all event types with the Integrate Insights dashboards.

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Collecting leads wasn't the problem; the quality of data after the event was the issue. Illegible handwriting and incorrect email addresses rendered some forms unusable.

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