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Marketing Operations: Building Cross-Channel Programs is Demanding

Modern B2B marketing wouldn’t exist without operations. Whether you sit in marketing or revenue operations, you are your department's Swiss Army knife — using impressive technical and business skills to create marketing strategies and build the digital path for buyer journeys.

As an operations leader, you have a broad charter. You manage the martech stack and align with all revenue technology. You deliver measurement to optimize performance. You execute a data strategy to ensure that data is collected and governed in compliance with global privacy laws. And to do all this, you must draw out the full value from your systems — some of which don’t natively connect. Driving integration between systems, data, and activities across revenue teams is itself a full-time job.

Marketing Operation Challenges

Marketing operation leaders are under constant pressure to help revenue marketing connect demand channels, govern prospect data, and measure campaign success.

But that can mean having to adopt and manage more software into your current martech stack. It also means having to support the intake of a high volume of account and buying group data. We know that keeping your data clean and running efficiently is top priority, and it never stops. You need the most efficient and economical way to do all of this — but how?

80% don't believe tech stack is omnichannel

Connect and Analyze Data Across Applications and Platforms

Finally get a 360-degree view of your buyers and buying groups.

Integrate seamlessly integrates with leading ABM platforms for the import of custom target account lists — all on a single platform. This will finally allow you to precisely target buying groups within key accounts with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

31% lose opportunities to poor crm data

Guarantee 100% Marketable and Compliant Data

Leave bad data at the door.

It’s easy to adhere to data privacy rules and regulations GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws with Integrate. Integrate builds in disqualification of noncompliant data up front, so unusable prospect information never gets pulled into your data engines. With our Mobile Connect application, ensure that your event leads are compliant and marketable, safeguarding your event investments.

80% marketers are challenged taking action on data insights

Measure Performance, Understand Marketing’s Impact, and Improve Processes

Maximize marketing spend by measuring what programs are really working.

Integrate Insights brings together domain data from content syndication, display, and other channels to provide a complete view of campaign performance, including transparency into the specific campaigns and content that account buying groups are consuming.

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Customer Success

Iron Mountain Eliminated 84 Hours in Monthly Lead Processing Tasks

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There isn’t another vendor out there that can do what Integrate does, which is to be the bodyguard to our database, to filter out leads for a very specific criteria that we want to be held to, and then dynamically flex the criteria.

Jess Kao

Senior Director, Demand Operations

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Integrate connects your existing demand channels, ensures 100% compliant data, and converts leads and accounts to revenue to increase marketing ROI. With deep insight capabilities, Integrate empowers marketing teams to make the best decisions with reliable, validated lead data.

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