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Revenue Marketing: Fueling Company Growth

What would B2B marketing be without revenue marketers? You are the frontline marketing experts directly accountable for opportunity, pipeline, and revenue contribution — the demand, account-based marketing (ABM), and field marketing teams. You bring creativity and problem-solving skills to tackle ongoing demand challenges.

You define and execute an aligned marketing and sales demand strategy. You activate new buyers, grow the footprint of existing customers, and increase revenue from strategic accounts. And you do this while navigating changing buyer behaviors, advancing digital capabilities, and delivering engaging buying experiences. Not to mention demonstrating marketing’s value to the business every single day.

Revenue Marketing Challenges

As a revenue marketer, you are under constant pressure to deliver. You need to hit lead, opportunity, bookings, or pipeline goals — even if your resources are constrained. You must ensure that there is sufficient pipeline coverage for all company reps. You drive ABM efforts for target account penetration and expansion and provide buying group insights for sales. And you need to move fast. You don’t have time or budget to waste on poorly performing marketing channels. You need to get in front of the right buyers, at the right accounts, when they are in-market and actively looking for solutions like your company’s.

of B2B buyers now want a personalized B2C-like experience.
of B2B marketers say delivering a consistent customer experience across all demand channels is important to their companies.
of marketing leaders want significant synergies to be realized through the convergence of demand and ABM.

44% MQL's not actively in-market

Source the Right Leads

Connect with buyers seeking your solutions.

Pipeline360, powered by Integrate, delivers guaranteed content syndication leads from buyers actively researching third-party sites for information related to your company solutions. Leads are standardized and you only pay for those that are compliant, high-quality, and actionable.

52% marketers use intent data

Engage Target Accounts

Digitally nurture strategic account contacts.

Reach accounts and buyers actively in-market through Pipeline360 programmatic display. Integrate campaign experts augment your team and deliver focused, buyer-driven campaigns based on intent, technographic, and firmographic data to surround key accounts with your story.

94% of purchase decisions made by buying group

Gain Buying Group Visibility

See what campaigns buying groups engage with.

Integrate Insights brings together domain data from content syndication, display, and other channels to provide a complete view of campaign performance — including transparency into the specific campaigns and content that account buying groups are consuming.

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Customer Success

Integrate Puts LeadIQ
on Track to $6 Million in Pipeline Growth


Precision demand marketers should be measured not by how they contribute to lead-gen ‘math’ but by how they contribute to revenue. How much did marketing bring into the pipeline? How much of that closed? By changing the KPI from being about leads to being about opportunity, I’m focusing on what’s going to convert and that shift helped the marketing conversion rate go from 33% to 54%.

Nicole Fuselier

Vice President, Corporate & Revenue Marketing

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Integrate puts you in front of the right buyers and accounts and guarantees 100% marketable lead data. Our turnkey campaign service ensures speed to market, accuracy, and scale. With Integrate, you can build dependable pipeline — regardless of what’s happening a month, a quarter, or a year from now.

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