Capture webinar leads in real-time.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including webinars and live-streaming webcasts.

Webinar data is complex to track, and marketers need intelligent data for appropriate marketing and sales follow up.

  • Webinars leads are often incomplete and attendee lists frequently contain dirty data
  • Pushing bad lead data to your CRM can inflate contact levels in your systems and increase costs
  • Teams waste time and resources marketing to prospects who aren’t engaged or don’t match ideal customer profiles

The Integrate Webinar Integrations Solution.

Integrate’s webinar solution can help you create actionable data not only to boost your pipeline, but avoid flooding your marketing automation platform or CRM with data that doesn’t belong.

  • Integrate takes webinar leads directly from webinar platforms and routes intelligent data to MA and CRM systems
  • The platform standardizes, validates, and enriches webinar leads to prioritize the best ones for follow up
  • Gain a holistic view of webinar performance using Integrate’s analytical capabilities and compare results with other demand channels

Partner with Integrate to implement webinar lead generation in new and innovative ways.

Our expert services team will help you deliver targeted messaging to B2B decision-makers and cultivate webinar leads for actionable sales outreach. We will provide best-in-class service to assist you in refining your demand orchestration efforts.

"If we need leads, we turn the thermostat up with Integrate, let the leads come in. It is integrated and it is a smooth flow."