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What is Precision Demand Marketing?

Omnichannel for any channel

Consistent ROI starts with Precision Demand, from Integrate. Powered by the Demand Acceleration Platform, centralise your demand channels to deliver orchestrated campaigns and programs that reach the right buyers wherever they are, filling your pipeline with 100% marketable data.

Create meaningful connections with buyers across marketing channels.

Get personal with buyers you know and don’t know.

Use intent signals to reach the right people.

The Buyer Canvas in our Demand Acceleration Platform lets you target ideal buyers and accounts, identify and build segments from first and third-party data sources, and create more-precise target account lists. Use it to connect with the right buyers in multiple channels, and to deliver personalised experiences that convert leads at every stage.

Expand reach and optimise performance.

Use cross-channel insight to target the right buyers and accounts.

Our Integration Exchange powers cross-channel activation through an integrated ecosystem of acceleration partners, including 150 publishers, thousands of B2B publications, and APIs. Use it, with our Performance Centre, to move beyond account-based marketing or siloed demand gen. You'll get real-time insight into multi-channel demand campaigns, so you can measure and optimise every program.

Deliver campaigns that connect.

It all starts with marketable, validated data.

The Demand Acceleration Platform's Governance Engine standardises and validates incoming and outgoing lead data to ensure compliance. There's no need to waste time manually separating good leads from bad. And no need to deal with unmarketable data clogging your sales and marketing systems. With Integrate Precision Demand, you have more time to do what you do: connect with receptive buyers.

Customer Success

Building a global demand centre with precision at scale.

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The approach needs to be multi-channel, and we see this works much better when we position ourselves in the ‘watering holes’ people go to rather than the ones we try to create ourselves. This is exactly why we work with Integrate—they allow us to be hyper-targeted to the accounts we want and put our messages in the places our audience is…then continue to retarget to them in various ways (beyond content syndication.)

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President of Growth Marketing at Ivanti


How B2B marketers can thrive in a buyer-driven world

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Integrate Precision Demand uses an omnichannel approach to target the buyers you've been waiting for, wherever they're waiting for you. Learn more. Let's start a conversation today.

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What is Precision Demand Marketing?

Right now, today, you must be able to put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the centre of everything you do.

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