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Navigating the New Era of B2B Marketing

The new strategy marketing needs

B2B buyers have declared independence. They’re online, researching, shopping, and evaluating on their own, delaying interactions with sales teams until they’re ready to talk. Integrate’s Precision Demand Marketing solution empowers you and your marketing team to meet the challenges of this new world. We help you connect with ideal buyers, accounts, and buying committees, wherever they are on their paths to purchase.

Connect B2B marketers with buyers.

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At Integrate, we’re in the business of enabling B2B marketers to reach their ideal customers by connecting marketing channels, lead data, and innovative technology.

A decade ago, we began with a focus on a single channel: content syndication. By solving problems with accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness, we transformed it into a scalable, always-on, qualified lead-gen engine. We then used the expertise we’d gained to tackle similar issues across in-person events, digital advertising, virtual events and social.

Today, by centralising and connecting demand data, channels, and campaigns in one unified cloud platform, and by relentlessly pursuing new solutions under our Precision Demand Marketing strategy, we help marketers around the world accelerate demand and deliver exceptional returns on investment.

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Whether you need a campaign for a single channel or want to create an omnichannel precision demand strategy, we’re ready to work with your team.

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Power precision demand with solutions that fit your needs.


Demand Acceleration Platform

Reach the right accounts and buyers, when they’re ready to buy, with the platform that ensures your data is always validated and marketable.


What is Precision Demand Marketing?

Right now, today, you must be able to put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the centre of everything you do.

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Precision Demand

An omnichannel solution that connects your brand with interested buyers and accounts.

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Precision Digital

Combine the power of syndication and ads to engage and convert today’s buyers.

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Precision Syndication

Connect with buyers and accounts as they’re researching third party providers.

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Precision Events

Turn event interactions into pipeline and revenue.

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