Integrate and its marketing community broke growth records in 2019 and now it’s time to celebrate our customers’ success.

Overall, our marketing community used Integrate's Demand Marketing platform to generate more than $1 trillion in pipeline for their companies in 2019.

The top performers who we are recognizing today used Integrate to drive revenue for their organizations. These companies’ have been intentional to build world-class demand-marketing teams and it is paying off.

Please join me in giving a virtual high-five to these world-class demand marketing companies:

To celebrate the accomplishments of these iconic B2B brands, Integrate is announcing the 2019 Top Revenue Marketers of the Year. These marketers are setting a new standard in the marketing sector, and deserve recognition for their accomplishments.

We will be showcasing their marketing achievements in a new brand advertising campaign launching this week.

Why Integrate matters

To out-perform competitors and experience high growth, a company needs an efficient, highly effective demand generation engine. Its marketers must always seek, and find, the “next best customer” as well as entice existing customers to try the enterprise’s other products and services.

In the digital age, using technology to boost marketing efforts should be a no-brainer. But advertising tech, or AdTech, hasn’t risen to the task. Marketing software, for the most part, has offered only a piecemeal, fragmented experience.

Until Integrate, that is.

Integrate is a global, enterprise, demand-marketing engine that brings marketing platforms together in a unified cloud. With Integrate, every aspect of every campaign becomes visible on a single dashboard, so you can see what’s getting results, what isn’t, and what gaps remain in your marketing efforts. And we license our technology to our customers—you own it.

2020 already promises to take Integrate and our customers to the next level. We're growing faster than ever before and customers are breaking records, and the first quarter isn't over yet.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate the success and the accomplishments of our community throughout this year.

Onward! 🚀

*The recognized performing teams and the $1 trillion+ number was calculated by tracking the demand activity and resulting pipeline generated through Integrate’s platform. Integrate’s cloud technology proves the ability to generate, manage, measure and optimize demand performance.

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