At Integrate, we’ve built our customer centric culture on five pillars. They’re the heart and soul of how we approach our work and how we serve our customers. This is one of a series of posts in which we’ll describe one of the pillars and how it makes Integrate, well, Integrate.

Integrate Cultural Pillar #2 - Trust

At Integrate, we earn the right to stand on this pillar the hard way––through a million significant interactions each day. We earn it by listening before speaking. By debating issues with real empathy. By putting our customers’ goals ahead of our own.

When our coworkers or customers face a challenge, we’re there, not just with insight and ideas, but also with solutions that delight and surprise. And in the volatile world that is B2B marketing, our eyes are always fixed on the future, on what marketers will need next. This allows our customers to navigate the twists and turns of their jobs with confidence, knowing someone is already ahead of the next curve.

“Trust is critical in this business. B2B marketers need to know that we’re always there for them, that we’re going to keep making their jobs easier, even as their jobs get harder,” said Rosie Day, Events Manager. “We challenge ourselves to earn that trust. And we really enjoy rising to that challenge. It’s what drives us.”

Indeed, wherever you go in our company, whoever you contact, you’ll find a person you can count on to go an extra mile, to reach a little higher, to respond a little faster––to make your life in B2B marketing a lot easier––every day.

You can trust us on that.

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