By now, marketers everywhere have gotten the message: Your buyer needs to be at the center of everything you do.

But, while the message is loud, it’s often anything but clear.

When we advocate creating experiences that are connected, aligned, and personalized to a buyer’s needs and preferences, what are we really championing?

Because it’s all about connections

At Integrate, we believe connections are the foundation of good marketing. When you can build relationships centered around your customers’ needs, you’ve done your job. However, when you can build trust within those relationships, that “good” marketing becomes great.

So, while 2020 did accelerate digital transformation, and the way B2B buyers research, evaluate, and make purchasing decisions did dramatically shift, the fundamentals of great marketing—that is, creating real, meaningful, and dynamic connections—will never change, will always be essential.

Helping marketers do what they do best

At Integrate, we feel so fortunate to be able to create solutions that allow today’s top marketers to do what they do best: to effortlessly build, scale, and grow those trusting connections with their customers, accounts, and prospects; to focus on what they’re great at rather than be limited by technology, organizational siloes, or manual workarounds.

And that’s also why we feel so excited to be able to continue introducing you to that select group of B2B marketers who have always kept their customer front and center, have always been buyer-driven, and have always understood that technology should work in service of building those connections that truly matter: our Precision Marketing Champions.

Stepping into the new era

Today, we’re especially thrilled to be able to announce the official launch of our dedicated Precision Marketing Champions Stories. Here, you’ll get an unparalleled look into the amazing work of our Precision Marketing Champions, those superstars who are solving today’s biggest challenges and boldly stepping into the new era of Precision Demand Marketing.

For example, you’ll meet the awesome Heather Berggren, Sr. Director Americas Marketing at Splunk, and learn what hurdles she and her team overcame to reconnect and realign across the entire marketing organization.

In our exclusive Zoomcast conversation, The team shares their valuable insights and strategies for orchestrating teams and programs for greater success, especially in the midst of rapid change and transformation.

You’ll also hear how the incredible Jason Howie, Head of Demand Generation at LeadIQ, is tapping into new display and content syndication technology to reach target accounts that otherwise would have been out of reach from most traditional marketing databases.

In this Precision Digital focused case study, you’ll gain useful takeaways on what steps Jason and his team took to help catapult the organization to $6 million in open pipeline growth among mid-market accounts and 80% coverage of target accounts with opportunities.

Then, there’s Leslie Alore, Ivanti’s Global Vice President Growth Marketing, who constantly amazes us with her ability to make sense of an increasingly complicated marketplace in ways that are both actionable and inspiring.

In this interactive conversation, you’ll get a chance to see how Leslie and her team are rethinking traditional marketing approaches—and how you can, too—in ways that allow you to truly meet your buyers where they are. Discover these stories and more when you visit our new Precision Marketing Champions Stories.

Building better together

So, yes, it is a buyer’s world and—as always—there is only one process that should matter to B2B marketers and their teams. And that’s the buyer’s process. The question is what can you do to put your buyer front and center, to build those connections that take your marketing from good to great and great to heroic?

Visit our Precision Marketing Champions Stories to learn how your marketing peers are getting the job done, and how you can, too. Onward!

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