For any business, events and trade shows can be a challenge to manage. But at enterprise, the conflicting schedules and demands of different business units and different regions adds a new level of complexity.

Forrester found that on average, Chief Marketing Officers allocate 24% of their total annual budget to live events. And while many marketers believe events are their best channel for generating new business leads, it has traditionally been a challenge for businesses to measure return on investment and accurately attribute revenue to events.

The Challenge of Inconsistent Lead Data

At events, marketers collect leads in various ways: paper forms, business cards and rented badge scanners. With different ways to collect leads, it’s difficult for companies to create a consistent process for capturing leads at on-site events.

Multiply this across several business units and several global regions, and the challenge gets even bigger.

How can enterprise businesses get lead data from events in a consistent format, to make it easy to upload into their in-house systems, so that sales and marketing teams can follow-up quickly and effectively?

Your Enterprise Playbook for Event Lead Management

The Integrate team works with leading organisations including IBM, PayPal and Sony, helping them to improve their lead capture and generate more revenue from events.

We’ve put together this guide so you can:

  • Understand the current state of lead capture at events, which causes delayed follow-up and makes it impossible to report on event performance
  • Consider the differences between the most commonly used lead capture methods.
  • Understand why it’s important to connect events with your existing marketing tools and processes – and how your lead management process ties in with this.
  • See a real-life example of how Integrate Event’s real-time event lead management solution drastically improved Integrate’s events.

Want to accelerate revenue from events with streamlined, standardized lead management across all your divisions or regions? Download The Enterprise Event Lead Management Playbook.

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