I’m so excited to announce that today I join the Integrate family as their new CMO. And while it will be my first day as an Integrate employee, I feel as if I’ve been part of their family for a while now. I’m a 3X Integrate customer and major fangirl and Integrate’s solutions have allowed my teams at Workday, Lookout, and BetterUp to scale our demand efforts, resulting in some of the best closed business we had. Watching this company grow, acquire market leading solutions like ListenLoop and Akkroo, and build the Integrate Demand Cloud has been awesome and the idea of working with an organization that has been so critical to my and my team’s success is a dream.

But the opportunity to join now, at this very moment, when everything about marketing (everything about everything!) has changed, is even more exciting. I don’t have to tell my marketing friends that they are no longer just marketers; they’re the first touchpoint in a long-term, ongoing customer relationship.

Or not.

Usually marketers talk about this as delivering leads that convert to pipeline that drives revenue. That’s always struck me as funny. Why? Because “leads” are people, people! Not personas, not customer profiles, but real, live, living and breathing people you’d like to be your next customer. And everything B2B marketers do right now, at this point in time in history, to start those critical conversations will set the tone for the way those people think about your company for years to come.

While I’ve always had empathy for the customer base at the companies for which I’ve worked, I’ve never actually stood in the shoes of a CHRO, CISO, L&D or IT professional. I’m so pumped to get to know the Integrate customer base...my peers! Some of whom I’ve known for years and some who will be new friends. If you are a fellow marketer using the Integrate Demand Cloud to engage with your next customers, please reach out...and if you aren’t yet familiar with Integrate, please let me know. I’d love to introduce you!

Deb Wolf

CMO, Integrate

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