You don’t need me to tell you these are historically challenging times. You’re juggling a global health emergency even as you and your team collaborate from far-flung kitchen tables, home offices, and living room couches. There are kids to parent, extended family to worry about, hands to wash and, if you’re brave, hair to cut. (My advice: don’t try it.)

I hope you’ll take time for a breath––outside, socially distanced––for you. And as you do, realize all that you’re accomplishing.

This isn’t easy. And yet, you’re killing it.

Obviously, I can’t speak to how many Zoom meetings you’ve managed while helping your third grader with her math. But I am continuously amazed by how our customers, and B2B marketers everywhere, are rising to the challenge.

During the first quarter of 2020 alone––when the pandemic began and the global economy braked to a dead stop for the first time in recent history––our customers used the Integrate Demand Cloud to generate more than $400 million in pipeline while saving $34 million by eliminating non-qualifying leads, and saving more than three million minutes of their teams’ valuable time by automating manual processes. That’s after a record-breaking 2019, in which our customers generated more than $1 trillion in pipeline, and $75 million in savings.

These record-setting accomplishments were hard wins. You achieved them in what may well be the most turbulent business climate in history.

We all know that turbulence isn’t behind us. But we see bright signs of good things to come. Just one example, also during the first quarter: Verizon joined the Integrate family.

For Verizon, the Integrate Demand Cloud will help the demand gen team, which targets small companies of less than 100 employees, fill the sales funnel with good leads, and accelerate the revenue-generation process.

“Our sales process is 12 to 18 months to a closed deal,” Kristy Murphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at Verizon said. “That's painfully long. So, we're trying to shore that up. We're trying to make that smaller.”

The key to demand-gen success today, according to Murphy, is having a seat at the table with the sales team. And to build trust with that team. Verizon’s investment in Integrate enabled Murphy to build that trust. The investment showed marketing’s commitment to helping sales realize revenue faster.

Looking ahead, we know the issues you face as a marketer aren’t simple or easy to solve. Every demand-gen dollar you spend right now matters. As does every channel you use––whether it’s social, ABM, digital or events (including the virtual ones).

We’re committed to helping you meet these challenges with customizable marketing solutions that engage the right people, provide insights into campaign performance, and ensure sales are reaching the right marketable leads.

Come meet your next best customer with the world’s first Demand Cloud.

And as you do, take a breath, let it out, and know: You’ve got this.

Jeremy Bloom

Chief Executive Officer, Integrate

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